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January 5, 2021

3 Key Steps for Building a Successful Marketing Team From TripActions’ CMO

Leading Israeli tech magazine Calcalist recently profiled TripActions Chief Marketing Officer Meagen Eisenberg as part of its 20MinuteLeaders entrepreneurship series.

Meagen, who has worked at several high-growth tech companies, intimately knows the skills needed to build a productive and effective marketing team. In the article, she shared her first three moves when joining a new company: hiring, aligning with sales, and employing the right tools. For example, her team at TripActions takes advantage of 25+ different marketing technologies that help them scale and innovate. She also shares how she personally pursues new strategies as a leader.

“The marketing job is to understand who the buyer is, why they buy you, and then get in front of them. You are fishing out in a big ocean. You get to figure out where the fish are, you have to have the right bait, then you have got to bring them in and hand them off to Sales to close them,” Meagen says in the interview.

Read the full interview and learn more about Meagen’s insights into modern marketing and the unique relationship between marketing and sales.

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