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Jul 8, 2019

3 Steps to Building a Successful Case For a Corporate Travel Upgrade

The TripActions Team

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You’ve struggled with the challenges posed by your current corporate travel program — whether low traveler adoption, no control over out-of-policy bookings, or inadequate reporting — and recognized it’s time for a change. You’ve done your due diligence around how to successfully implement an upgrade, and even selected a preferred vendor based on your research.

Now, it’s time to bring your case to the table and convince the key decision makers at your organization of your conclusion. To help you draft a thoughtful, effective presentation tailored to your specific business needs and stakeholders, here are three customizable steps to follow as you build your business case:

Step 1: Define Your Corporate Travel Upgrade Goals

You know which business problems you want to solve — now, take them a step further to explain how you propose to solve them. Be specific about the business goals you want to achieve by implementing a new solution, and explain how you’ll measure progress against each goal to strengthen your case.

Step 2: Outline Potential Vendors with Your Top Choice in Mind

After identifying the key business problems stemming from your current program, talking to stakeholders about their needs, and outlining a features and functionality wishlist, you should have identified potential solutions that align with your goals. Beyond your recommendation, you should come to the table ready to discuss an alternative or two (and why they are not your top choice).

Step 3: Sell Your Preferred Choice Including Expected ROI

To help drive home the desired impact of a corporate travel program upgrade, you’ll need to present the potential ROI your team can expect to come with your recommended solution. Have concrete numbers ready to prove you’ve done your homework and are considering business impact first and foremost.

With these steps in mind, you’re well on your way to upgrading the corporate travel experience within your organization. For more in-depth guidance and concrete examples of what to include in your presentation, be sure to download our easy-to-use workbook, Make Your Business Case for a Corporate Travel Program Upgrade: Presentation Workbook.

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