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Jul 22, 2019

5 Elements of a Successful Corporate Travel Management Program

The TripActions Team

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Move over baristas in the breakroom and chair massage Thursdays — an employee-friendly corporate travel program is the latest perk in town. And it turns out, providing a positive and seamless travel experience for your road warriors is more than just a cool nice-to-have. In fact, it's essential for sustaining a successful corporate travel management program that really drives and accelerates business growth.

It's no secret that travel can drive real business return — an average $12.50 in value for every dollar invested in face-to-face meetings — and therefore no surprise that employees want to travel for work. The challenge, however, is that if your road warriors don't actually use the solution you're providing, the business has zero visibility into where they're going, how they're traveling, and how much they're spending.

The only way to ensure hidden costs and rogue out-of-policy bookings don’t eat into any value you’re creating is to deliver a frictionless end-to-end corporate travel experience to your employees.

Five factors to consider in your corporate travel platform

The team here has done a lot of research to learn as much as we can about the common challenges our customers’ travelers struggled with before using TripActions, and then nip them in the bud accordingly. On average, our customers enjoy a 96% adoption rate, far and above the 50% drop-off most corporate travel apps suffer from. We’ve discovered that the five key elements to a traveler-friendly solution are:

1. CHOICE: This is more than just the number of flights and hotels served up. It’s also how they are presented. Inventory and shopability must match or even exceed what travelers find on consumer aggregation sites, along with providing what’s found in the GDS. You never want your traveler to think, "I can see that there are more and better options on XYZ site right on my computer. I'll use them and ask for forgiveness later."

2. EASE OF USE: In today’s tech-savvy world, travelers have little patience for cumbersome apps and confusing interfaces. Worse yet is when they finally figure out how to use a solution and it delivers less than stellar search results. Again, you want your road warriors to prefer your provided solution over any consumer site.

3. SUPPORT: Sometimes a traveler wants complete control over changing a booking, and sometimes they need complete help from a real live human. The solution must not only offer functionality that allows for the level of support preferred, but also intuitively offers help based on AI learnings.

4. FLEXIBILITY: Travel is fluid — there are many unpredictable factors that can affect how a trip will pan out, whether it’s wild weather or a huge industry conference. Your solution must provide up-to-the-minute policy adjustments to account for variations in demand.

5. TRUST: Harried business travelers want to trust that their companies care about their success and safety on the road. And on the flip side, internal departments such as HR and Finance want to feel confident that their employees are safe while traveling and operating within expected budgets. Dig in more with our ebook: A Guide to Getting 100% Traveler Adoption: The Next Generation of Corporate Travel Management.

See how each of the five elements impact adoption, employee satisfaction, and business growth

It‘s predicted that if corporate travel were eliminated, 28% of current business would be lost, and profits would average a 17% hit. Because of the incredible value of bringing people together to meet face-to-face, there will continue to be a vital need for road warriors.

The best thing a company can do to make the most of business travel is empower employees to do their best work no matter where they are. That takes a corporate travel solution that empowers rather than frustrates or hinders. High adoption rates shouldn’t have to come from mandates or threats from frustrated HR or Finance teams. Rather, by providing a powerful platform that is consistently delivering on five prime factors: Choice, Ease of Use, Completeness of Care, Flexibility, and Trust.

Download our Guide to Getting to 100% Traveler Adoption to learn more about why these five crucial elements matter, and what organizations can do to implement them.

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