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January 31, 2017

5 Tips for Your Business Trip to the Super Bowl


1. Leave early. There is an average of 78,000 people who attend the Super Bowl and that means airports, hotels, and the entire city will be crowded. When booking your flights look at taking the early bird flight or picking a hotel a little further from the stadium.

These might not be the most convenient travel options but could save you from crazy lines or overbooked seats. If your company books business travel through TripActions, you can earn cash rewards if your flight, hotel, or rental car is less expensive than our price to beat, saving company money. Get rewards for attending the Super Bowl? Yes, this is real life.

2. Pack smart. The game is in Houston, TX this year and the weather gods must not know millions are watching. There is a mild chance of rain on Friday and Saturday with temperatures in the low 70s. Sunday is predicted to be warm at 80 degrees with just scattered clouds. Since you’ll be entertaining for most of gameday, bring light clothing that are also comfortable.

Fabric like cotton is ideal to avoid those embarrassing sweat stains. The TripActions platform gives you real time weather details for your destination when you book a trip so you’ll always know what to pack although we’re not legally responsible for mother nature.

3. Be knowledgeable. This is the largest football game of the year after all. While you might be there mostly for business, you should be on top of your NFL stats (you never know who you’ll need to impress). We got your back.

This year the New England Patriots face the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are underdogs having not attended a Super Bowl since 1999 and this being the Patriots’ ninth Super Bowl. As the 51st game, it is expected to surpass 2015’s record as the most watched Super Bowl with about 14.4 million views. Pick up some red, white, or blue if you’re a Patriots fan, or black and red if you’re opting for the Falcons. Just research which team your client favors before you pick a side.

4. Go hungry. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans consume about 1.3 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend. Yes, that’s billions. At about 165 million pounds, that’s enough chicken wings to fill 224 Boeing 747 airplanes (max capacity is 735,000 pounds each). Snacks are almost more important than the game itself.

Hopefully your flight is chicken wing free. After expensing food and drink from the weekend, you can easily expense your flight, hotel, and car if you booked in TripActions.

5. Stay mobile. Security is tight and there’s no reason to be the annoying person who pulls out a laptop in the middle of the game. Leave it at the hotel and go fully mobile. But bring backup. During large events such as the Super Bowl, the wi-fi connection is usually non existent. This drains your cell battery and back up chargers can be life savers. You’ll want a full battery to look up a question, take a picture, or post to social channels.

A fully charged phone will also come in handy when traveling to and from Houston. When you book your trip through TripActions, we send you on the go travel notifications and updates about your trip, right to your device. This makes your business travel less stressful, especially if you’ve had a few too many beers at the game.

Enjoy the game (and some chicken wings) this Sunday. If you are interested in using TripActions to book your business trip to the Super Bowl and business travel in the future, please contact [email protected] or call us at +1(888)-406-TRIP (8747).

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