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March 20, 2017

5 Travel Tips for a One-Day Business Trip

Preparing for any trip can be challenging, especially when it’s a 24 hour or less business trip. It’s an exhausting day filled with flights, meetings, events, and anything can change in a moments notice so being ready is important, even for experienced road warriors.

These are our top 5 tips for a one day business trip:

  1. Find the best carry-on luggage for you. Many business travelers prefer a roller suitcase with four wheels for easy mobility, but if your trip is 24 hours or less, re-think your bag. Since you only need the essentials having a backpack can be easier to carry when you’re jumping from the airport to various meetings.
  2. Bring the essentials. Realistically you’ll be wearing the same clothes for the day so only bring a few additional items in case you spill or the weather is different than planned. To make it easy to change, go with the basics and comfortable shoes when you will be walking around for a long time. That means neutral colors like black, white, and grey.
  3. Pack vitamins and sanitizer. Traveling often increases your exposure to germs, which can lower your immune system. You’ll be shaking a lot of hands so bring a small sanitizer bottle to use between meetings. To be extra careful, sanitize the tabletop and area around your airplane seat. Even further, drink lots of water and pack snacks in case a meeting runs late or you’re rushing to make a flight.
  4. Ship equipment. If you have items to bring like heavy electronics, displays, or merchandise use FedEx, UPS or any other shipping carrier instead of lugging them around. It will usually be cheaper than checking them on your flight and save you from a back problem.
  5. Prepare for the worst. The best way to handle this proactively is to ensure your company has the right business travel management solution in place. If you’re already using TripActions to book your corporate travel, our support team is available 24/7 to help travelers who get stuck, have delays, encounter hotel problems, or any other issue that could arise on-the-go. Oh, and throw a toothbrush and deodorant in your bag, just in case!

With all stresses that arise when traveling for work, we want all business travelers to feel as prepared as possible.

To learn how you can use TripActions, contact our team. Questions or feedback? Give us a call at +1-888-505-TRIP(8747) or leave us a note at [email protected]

TripActions is the only mobile-first, end-to-end travel management company. We combine custom-built technology with 24/7 travel support and the most robust travel inventory available across corporate, direct and consumer to align business and employee objectives. Our solution improves the travel booking experience and travel management process using AI and smart data to create customized search options. The sleek mobile app provides the modern business traveler with proactive travel alerts and real agents via chat & phone. Along with an incentive program that rewards employees for spending responsibly, our customers save an average of 27% and growing on their travel spend.

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