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February 13, 2017

5 Ways Road Warriors Can De-Stress on a Business Trip

The term road warrior defines someone who travels extensively for business as a main function of their job. They are on the road going state to state often selling, consulting, or meeting with customers to ensure their satisfaction. They deal with the stress of traveling, handle the consistent change of environment, and overcome the pressure of meeting their company’s goals.

The average road warrior takes 26 trips a year and spends 84 nights away from home according to Clara’s 2016 research report on road warriors.

Technology like our user centric travel application takes away the stress of finding the right travel options, getting the right information about a trip and changes on the go, and having a support system behind you for when you need help with travel plans. While also being able to earn money when you save money. Some say that with technology, like ours, to help when your flight is canceled or your car does not show up, the term “road warrior” is outdated. It’s a hard term to shake.

Traveling can be exhausting and lonely.


5 Tips to Help Road Warriors De-Stress:

  1. Find a quiet spot in the airport. There are different options in each airport: lounges, prayer rooms, yoga rooms, reflection rooms, and secluded coffee shops. All these are great spots to relax (or catch up on Netflix).
  2. Grab some fresh air. If the weather is nice enough, skip the stuffy hotel gym and go for a walk or run outside. Better yet, do a quick search to see if there is a park near your hotel. We found this park workout that will turn anyone into the next Hulk Hogan.
  3. Turn on peaceful music. Studies show that classical music can help you concentrate, while rain sounds can help drown out noise. There are great apps designed to play the perfect playlists. Relax Melodies is our favorite app available on iTunes.
  4. Shut down electronics. Switching beds and time zones can seriously hinder sleep, so it’s important to maximize those hours you do get. You’ll want to be fresh for that early morning meeting. Researchers say that it is best to turn off electronics about 30 minutes before bed to get your body into the right sleep state. Bring a book, pack, write down your thoughts or just sit there in silence, it might be nice after a long day
  5. Order take out. If you have a night off from entertaining, ask the front desk for restaurant recommendations in the area. Then have it delivered right to your door. Here’s a list of the best food cities in every state and which spots to try. Even if you have work to finish, you can feel like you’ve enjoyed some of the city as a local.

Want to use TripActions to make your next business trip stress free? Request a demo here or call us at (888) 406-TRIP.

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