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Aug 19, 2021

5 Ways to Stay Smart When Traveling for Business in 2021

Samantha Shankman

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Corporate travel has a whole new meaning in 2021.

Road warriors are preparing to hit the skies and roads once again for autumn conferences, business meetings, and events. In preparation for fall travel, our community of experienced travel managers and travel agents have come together to highlight how business travel has changed and specific business travel tips to help make business trips as safe, productive, and efficient as possible.

1. Review pandemic requirements and prepare the necessary documents.

The regulations around where road warriors can go and the requirements needed to enter are changing daily. Both business travelers and travel management experts should review the data in real time to ensure the work trip will go as smoothly as possible.

It's also a good idea to download a digital health passport where business travelers can upload and store all necessary health documentation required to travel domestically and internationally -- for work or bleisure -- within a centralized hub. This information can be easily displayed to anyone who requires documented proof upon arrival to any destination.

TripActions Tip: Use the TripActions Know Before You Go Tool to get real-time, accurate information about what documentation you need for a safe, easy trip.

2. Track expenses scrupulously.

Traveling for business in 2021 means expecting the unexpected. Smart company credit cards, which come as part of an integrated spend management program, help travelers and finance teams not only easily track and manage expenses but change policy in real time. If a traveler's circumstances change, finance teams can jump in last-minute to dynamically tailor travel policies, approval workflows, and transaction visibility.

TripActions Tip: Use TripActions Liquid for a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that combines smart corporate cards with expense management software to decentralize the spending process without compromising control.

3. Pack light to stay flexible.

A simple way to stay flexible and prepared for the unexpected is to stick with a carry-on bag. By packing efficiently, business travelers can hedge their bets against lost luggage and heightened TSA security. They can also cut down the travel time between their hotel room and gate should last-minute changes require them to move quickly. Another trick that business travelers are doing to remain efficient is ensure they can always access the Internet by bringing a portable Wi-Fi device.

TripActions Tip: While TripActions next-gen travel agents are standing by 24/7 for all questions and changes, you can also ask for their support on luggage sizes and requirements to make sure that you're packing the right carry-on.

4. Take care of the environment.

After a global pause in business travel, employees returning to the roads are more conscious than before about the impact their work travel has on the environment. This, paired with corporations' increased focus on the sustainability of their travel program, has brought the industry to a seminal moment in which we can make smarter choices about how we travel at an individual and collective level for more sustainable travel management.

TripActions Tip: Harness the power of the TripActions Sustainability Suite to track and reduce carbon emissions with a real-time CO2 Analytics Dashboard, emissions calculator and budgeting, and carbon impact data.

5. Use smart tools to bring together remote teams.

As travel restarts, employees are eager to get back on the road and reconnect with colleagues. Organizations are bringing distributed team members together for the first time in more than a year to increase collaboration and strengthen company culture. This is especially important for millennials who are missing office relationships and employees who were previously looking forward to the corporate travel experience.

TripActions Tip: TripActions Team Travel offers customers an intuitive booking platform that takes into account health requirements, country restrictions, company travel policy, and employee location to help users make the best decisions for their team’s work travel while streamlining the booking process.

Plus! Take time for yourself.

While it's great to get back on the road to reconnect with clients and colleagues, it is as important as ever that employees take care of themselves. Our community has found that employees that add an extra day to their work trip for bleisure report improved mental health, less dependence on health care, and more loyalty to their business.

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