January 20, 2017

6 Reasons TripActions Solves Business Travel Management


Starting at a young age, we’re encouraged to break the status quo. Organizations are following the same trend, constantly trying to find better ways to cut costs.

Travel is one of the largest cost centers for companies, creating more headaches for finance and more frustration for business travelers. Unmanaged corporate travel policies are disastrous and harsh programs push employees to “go rogue”, usually booking out of policy.

The challenge? Employees don’t think of company money as their own.

When you book a personal trip, whether to see family, visit friends, or take a relaxing tropical vacation, you think about price before convenience. If there is a flight at 6:00am that costs $200 and another at 8:30am that costs $400, it’s likely you’ll go for the 6:00am. You would rather get an extra hour of beauty sleep but it makes more sense financially to save that money.

When it comes to business travel, you would book the 8:30am flight since it falls right under the maximum allowance of $450. Convenience and time are considered much larger than price. Employees spend up to the maximum allowance.

So how can companies manage travel so travelers are both happy and pick the cheaper option? Here are 6 ways we make this a reality:

  1. Incentivize employees – With TripActions employees can earn rewards for choosing cost effective travel options. Our customers are saving 30% on their travel spend.
  2. Give travelers choice – With a global inventory pulling from global distribution systems and consumer sites, TripActions shows you the best deals and employees gain control over their travel plans.
  3. Make user experience matter – As a modern platform, travelers will quickly adopt and use TripActions. With on-the-go notifications and live itinerary updates, traveling for work will be fun again.
  4. Provide amazing support – TripActions provides 24/7 support to travelers. Our team is 100% U.S. based and available via phone, chat or email. If  you get stuck in an airport because of delays or a canceled flight, we proactively get you on the next flight out. If your flight is later in the day, we notify the hotel on your behalf!
  5. Get an all-in-one platform – By integrating TripActions with your expensing and accounting systems, employees can simply expense their trips. Upon arriving at their destination, they can request a ride through Uber or Lyft with just a click.
  6. Gain visibility – Management can easily see the company savings, employee spending, and all travel trends all in one spot within the TripActions admin dashboard. We provide real time analytics on which employees are saving the most and where your employees are frequently going to help negotiate better rates.

This creates a win-win open travel program. The TripActions business travel platform allows companies to reduce T&E while keeping employees happy - now that’s something the whole company will be excited about.

We will continue to post about relevant updates, topics, and news so stay tuned! If you’re interested in a personal behind the scenes tour click here.

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