Stat Spotlight: 67% of Business Travelers Agree It’s Difficult to Build Relationships Over Video
Sep 3, 2019

67% of Business Travelers Struggle to Build Relationships Over Video

The TripActions Team

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Since day one, TripActions has believed being there in person is powerful. It enables employees to build relationships, close deals, and drive growth. Given the increase in business travel in recent years, we’re not alone in that belief.

While technology has made the distance between people feel much shorter, it can fail to establish the same relationships critical to business growth and success. From shaky internet connections to struggles with dial-in links, these technology-based challenges are simply part of doing business in today’s world, but the distractions are particularly destructive in high-stakes meetings.

Don’t just take our word for it — 67 percent of business travelers agree that it’s difficult to build business relationships using video conferencing. In addition to feeling frustrated and disconnected despite a video connection, people admitted that video calls allow them to simultaneously check email, do other work, and easily become distracted. Video conferencing may be the next best thing to connecting in person and certainly has had a role in the modern business environment, but it’s hard to create a truly meaningful connection if they’re not right there with you in the room.

Think about how your employees connect outside of work. Phone calls are for sharing news and scheduling coffee to catch up face-to-face. Texts are follow-ups after meeting someone for drinks. Tech should be there to support, not replace, in-person connections.

TripActions is built to make business travel as seamless as possible for your road warriors, enabling them to focus on the connections that make a difference to your organization. This mission is why in-person connections are central to our company culture. We recommend giving your employees the flexibility to strategically take meetings in person. Because let’s face it: it’s often an uphill battle to be professional, engaging, and convey trust when technical difficulties arise.

That doesn’t mean technology should be avoided; use video conferencing for quick regular check-ins or one-off meetings, but make sure those meetings that demand in-person connections are given the right attention. Take advantage of your employees’ willingness (and eagerness) to travel in the name of closing deals, building relationships, and growing your organization.

To that end, TripActions is hosting TRAVERSE 19 — a first-of-its-kind travel and tech festival this October 2-3 in San Francisco. Attendees will have the opportunity to spend two content-packed days to build relationships within the travel industry. Arguably more important than the informative keynotes and in-depth sessions with industry experts, attendees will make connections they would have never found sitting behind a screen via online learning courses. Register now — and encourage your employees to register. We can’t wait to meet you there!

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