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June 14, 2017

8 Must-Have Accessories for Your Next Business Trip


Some say travel is about the journey. Those people obviously never had to take a long flight before all day meetings and events. Having the right items in your pocket can make all the difference between a peaceful business trip and a stressful one.

Between the airport, the hotel, and all other places you have to be, it can be difficult to keep track of luggage and be prepared for last minute changes, which tends to happen on business trips.

The items in this list can help you look your best after an exhausting flight, always have a full charge, and much more. These are the top accessories and technologies to have with you on your next business trip.

1. External charger

Keeping a phone, computer, and potentially a tablet all charged and ready to go can feel like a full time job. The right external charger is lightweight, powerful, and small. As a best seller, Anker’s PowerCore portable charger is compact, allows multiple charges at once, quick to charge, and a great price for the value.

2. RFID wallet

While technology advancements are improving the way we work and do almost everything in our lives, it also brings some risks. Credit cards are no longer safe sitting in just any wallet. With special scanners, personal and bank information can be stolen without us even knowing it. These special RFID wallets are made for men and women, are durable and will block any device trying to penetrate your wallet, keeping your information secure. They also have a built in GPS so you can track your wallet in an app on your mobile phone.

3. Luggage tracker

Most business travelers know this cardinal rule, always carry on your luggage. This makes it easier to get off the plane quickly and there’s comfort in knowing your personal items are right there with you. We agree. There are those longer or international trips when checking baggage is necessary and in those cases it can be nerve racking to think about losing your luggage. Now you can track your checked luggage and have that peace of mind. A best seller is the TrakDot. You can see the specific location of your tracked bags in their mobile application and will receive a text message or email when you land confirming your luggage arrived.

4. Noise canceling headphones

After a long day of stressful meetings no one wants to listen to a crying baby on the airplane or the other endless distractions. Noise canceling headphones can be life savers other than mid-flight like to drown out the hussle and bussle of the office. There are plenty of brands that offer noise canceling and other perks like wireless bluetooth, color changing, microphone for calls, and more but costs can be outrageous. These Cowin E-7 headphones are a great value by offering all of the features above for a decent price.

5. Security Key

We consume and produce incredible amounts of data, most of which is stored on our mobile devices. As data grows, our information is more vulnerable for cyber threats especially since less than 20% of the world’s data is protected. Traveling increases exposure to that risk.

When trying to work, how frustrating is it to constantly enter your password through a multi-factor authentication application or text message? A security key can replace these application, authenticating data with a keychain that sits on your key ring. A key like the FIDO U2 protects access to online services and systems.

6. Blackout Eyeshades

When it comes to comfort, do looks really matter? Of course if you’re on the plane with fellow co-workers or business associates you’ll dress to impress but if you’re alone, you deserve to enjoy your flight. Whether your flight is long or short, there’s always enough time to get a quick nap and these days the standard eyemask might not do the trick. Companies are reinventing the eyemask to do more than just block out light. Occles are provide a full blackout of sun, blocks harmful UV rays if you’re in the window seat, and are designed to be comfortable.

7. Travel steamer

Prepping a deck and having the right pitch, are only part of bringing your A game in a business meeting. The other half is dressing the part. While business casual means something different to every person and throughout the world, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. This means having your clothing in tip top shape, without wrinkles. Carry a small portable steamer like the PurSteam that is lightweight and compact to fit in a small carryon.

8. TripActions

We saved the most important and valuable for last. As a modern business travel application, you’re able to book and manage your trips in one place with TripActions. Travel can be unpredictable but when booking with TripActions you never have to worry, you have a full team of travel advisors with you at all times. You can contact our team 24/7 for help booking, complimentary check-in, seat changes, and much more. They will even send you real time travel alerts about any trip changes and are available via chat, phone and email.

In addition, you gain access to a massive inventory of flights, hotels, or rental cars with special deals exclusive to TripActions. On top on earning your normal loyalty points, you can double dip to earn rewards redeemable for gift cards or personal travel just by saving your company money. Some travelers have earned over $1,000 in just a few trips!

To learn how you can use TripActions, including all the travel capabilities shown above, contact our team. Questions or feedback? Give us a call at +1-888-505-TRIP(8747) or leave us a note at [email protected]

TripActions does not receive any compensation for any references to products and services mentioned. All brands and services named in this post were included for the benefit of our readers. Opinions expressed here are the authors of this post and are not reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any other entity.

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