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May 8, 2017

A Dashboard That Tackles Business Travel Risk Management

A recent study from the Association for Corporate Travel Executives found that corporate buyers saw a 25% increase in requests for security training over the past six months. While this number seems high, there has been an uptick in public safety concerns around the globe. In our last post, Business Travel Risks - What Every Company Should Know, we talked about the reasons, laws, and history behind a company’s duty of care for traveling employees.

Duty of care is a company’s moral and legal responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees and while there are multiple ways to approach a travel risk program, it’s important to get it right. That’s where a business travel management platform should help and make it easier for the travel manager or finance executive.

As a modern and complete travel management platform looking to change the way organizations optimize their travel programs, we believe transparency is critical in a travel program - before, during, and after booking. The team saw an opportunity to rebuild our ‘Administrative Dashboard’ where customers gain complete visibility into their travel program and ensure they can communicate with travelers in case of an emergency. Here’s a preview of the revamped interactive dashboard:

To give customers a complete view of their program we start with an overview including a snapshot of travel savings - the money travelers have saved the company through responsible spending, employee spending, leaderboards to highlight top savers and teams as well as showing real time bookings.

On the next page, companies can see their overall travel trends by each category of either airline, hotel, and car. They’ll see a live heat map of their most common travel destinations and a snapshot of their employee's most favorable airline carriers, hotel chains, and car rental agencies.

From here, travel managers can take a deeper dive into their traveler’s habits for flights, hotels, and cars. In the detailed view, travel programs can evaluate top routes, destinations, and average spend for each location and vendor.

For flights, this additional information helps companies evaluate what programs are working (such as UAPP), where employees spend most of their time, and the timeliness of employee booking.

With this detailed data on hotels, management can see which hotels employees frequent and as their travel advisors, we can help negotiate better rates with those chains.

Our travelers can rent cars based at airports or by a location outside of an airport. By having this map and information on rental cars, our customers can quickly see where and how their travelers are renting cars.

This next page on our completely revamped travel manager dashboard completely revolves around travel risk management and providing an outlet to ensure traveler safety at all times. Here travel managers see a real time map of their travelers location. To address any concerns from our travelers, we can verify that the traveler maps only visualize the data in our system’s itinerary and any changes made to within the TripActions app, never live GPS. Within the map you can change the time to see previous travel, where employees currently are in the air or on the ground, and where they will be in the future.

In cases of emergency, it’s critical that travelers not only have our 24/7 support team available but that their employers can communicate with them directly to ensure their safety. With this live map, companies can send a direct message to travelers within the app which allows travelers to respond quickly confirming they are safe.

According to a new report by Travelport and the World Travel & Tourism Council, the global business travel sector is expected to grow 3.7% over the next decade. A few factors will contribute to this growth, one being improved market share and innovation towards maximizing revenue. This is great news for companies but concerning for those travelers that have an increased fear of traveling for work with so much unpredictability in the world.

The best way to combat employee concerns is to prepare and educate all employees about travel risks and what protocol is in place. To learn more about your travel management options and how to get started talk to your travel team and talk to one of our travel advisors.

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