April 3, 2017

Basic Economy Fares in TripActions

The TripActions Team
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In last week’s blog post, Is Basic Economy a Fit for Business Travelers, we discussed the limitations of basic economy fares and if these cost effective seats are attractive flight options for business travelers. Whether or not basic economy is ideal for business travelers, it’s important to know how to spot these tickets. At TripActions, we have taken multiple steps to ensure our bookers and travelers are educated on the limitations of basic economy and aware of all fares available for that flight.

The first way to spot a basic economy option is within our search results. Notice, one of our inventory items that is circled in red. Before the price listing it says ‘from’  or on our mobile version, ‘multiple fares’. This is one indicator that the starting price point with for that flight is basic economy.

Once this flight is selected, we we ask the booker if they are sure they want to book this basic economy fare. Within the same screen, we present the alternative fare classes available for this flight so it is easy to compare and switch classes without starting the search over should you decide basic economy is not their ideal ticket selection.

When the booker confirms they would like this low cost fare, we educate them on the rules and limitations that come with booking a basic economy ticket as shown below.

Basic economy will continue to evolve and grow as airlines see success with these limited fares. This means we will continue to evolve the TripActions platform to portray the latest in airline offerings.

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