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Nov 23, 2019

Best Black Friday Deals for Business Travelers

Samantha Shankman

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Best Black Friday Deals for Business Travelers

There’s no better gift that a business traveler could receive than a modern business travel platform that combines ease-of-use, personalization, unrivaled inventory choice and 24x7 365 global travel agents. For everything else, there’s Black Friday deals that extend through Travel Tuesday.

For any activity -- whether work or play -- there is that dream set of gear that we imagine would transform our experiences and take them to the next level. The best bicycle, those engineered running shorts, or -- in our case -- the best travel companions known to man.

It can be tough to rationalize spending a lot on an accessory or service, but business travelers know intimately how the right noise-cancelling headphones, compression socks, or luggage, can take a trip from manageable to (dare we say) enjoyable. There’s also the argument that if you’re boarding flights every other week to sit in conference rooms and brainstorm with colleagues, then it’s probably worth taking at least one flight to explore the nuances of new cultures or or marvel at the emptiness of the open sea.

Whether you’re looking to gear up for yourself or a favorite business traveler in your life, we’ve found the best deals taking place between Black Friday and the following Travel Tuesday.

The Technology You Need

The Tern Global Data Connection Device gets you online no matter where you are and is the perfect fix whether at home or abroad when a Wi-Fi or 4G network connection evades you. Originally $169, this tool can be saved in your carry-on for all future trips for $99 with the holiday deals.

There’s nothing we love more than being prepared to turn the 6-hour flight from New York to San Francisco into the most productive time chunk of the week. But it does require coming prepared. Our favorite gear to block out the engine’s roar or a snoring seat neighbor so we can get to work are noise-cancelling headphones.

Bowers and Wilkins have a storied history starting in South England, and they are still regarded as some of the highest quality, and best looking, headphones on the market. Their in-ear and on-ear noise cancelling headphones last for 12 to 30 hours without charge. Keep an eye out for Black Friday deals.

You can also grab the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones for only $90 at Target or the Dr. Dre Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for $200 at Best Buy. The crème de la crème of noise cancelling headphones right now are the Apple Airpod Pro -- and, while it would be unbelievable to see an Apple product on sale in the past, they are available for a slight discount on Amazon through Black Friday.

Sometimes it is better to power down the laptop and let your mind think more creatively whilst traveling at 30,000 feet. While there’s nothing quite like a great book, we have too many interests to commit to taking only one on a business trip. That’s why the Kindle has become one of our favorite travel accessories. Amazon is offering $30 off the all-new Kindle to reach the reasonable price of $60 for Black Friday.

But we all need a break from the screen. Enter Audible: Amazon’s audiobook subscription services which new subscribers can get for three months for just $6.95 a month, which is a little more than half off its usual price of $15 per month. Listen and learn with your eyes closed no matter where business travel takes you.

Business travelers are getting serious about their health. The positive effects of business travel -- for your company and professional growth -- shouldn’t come at the expense of your physical or psychological growth. Travel companies see this and are responding with everything from enhanced hotel beds to in-flight meditation recordings. But ultimately, health is a personal decision. The Apple Watch Series 3 is available for $170 during Black Friday and is considered one of the best fitness trackers on the market. Sometimes walking to the office is just as good as that elliptical in the hotel gym.

While stocking up on the best gear, remember that organization is key to any successful business trip. Maxpedition sells a number of a tech-enabled backpacks that allow you to charge on the go with a 40% discount for Black Friday. For the best bag and cord organizers, check out the best reviews site in the world -- Wirecutter.

The Services & Fashion You Deserve

Check out the TripActions blog post on the best luggage for business travel if you’re searching for a deal -- or opt for a mini me. Away launched a new mini suitcase gift set in time for holiday bonuses. The Gift Sets are filled with travel-sized products curated for different holiday destinations while Away’s smallest suitcase is designed to stow (small travel essentials, toiletries, and whatever else business travelers need on the road. There’s no Black Friday deal here, but they’ll sell out so fast that there might as well be.

While we believe in the power of a well-chosen suitcase, what you put in it matters just as much. Rothys sells great business shoes for women, Outdoor Voices offers the best in workout gear, Allbirds is the best source for stylish but comfortable shoes for those long flights, and every traveler knows to carry a swimsuit from Chubbies for that business hotel pool or hot tub. If you miss Black Friday, check out Retailmenot for a wealth of deals on pretty much anything you need before a business trip. You can scan their Black Friday specific deals here.

In a trend that we’re sure to see more of, some business travelers are skipping the process of packing altogether with Trvl Porter, which lends customers a pre-styled wardrobe delivered directly to their hotel destination. Yes, please.

Speaking of style -- every business traveler wonders what it must be like to fly private even if they contest the concept on the grounds of carbon impact. For those willing to offset their private flights, Clipper Jet has a Black Friday deal delivers $3,000 savings for the first three months of membership for business travelers who go between New York and Los Angeles. We can all dream, right?

The Trip You Want

Context is the factor that gives travel meaning. You fall in love with Amsterdam because of the incredible memories you made with your team there. Or you always reflect on Cape Town fondly since it’s the first international trip that you took with your partner. But knowing where we come from and the history that’s built into our bones can also change how you see a place whether you’re there for work or pleasure. 23andMe is offering $100 off its Health + Ancestry DNA Test so you can know whether that Spanish jamon tastes so delicious simply because it’s in your DNA.

While business travel is a strategic lever for growth, helps build relationships with clients and colleagues, and even fosters better morale, we all need a break sometimes. For the high roller in the group, Abercrombie & Kent is offering a $3,900 per person discount on eight private journeys to destinations around the world. For the adventurer on your team, REI has savings on 2020 departures such as Ireland Hiking and the North American Cycling Tour, and Intrepid Travel is offering 20 percent off its 2020 departures. For the foodie in your group, Access Culinary Trips will offer a free trip with the purchase of three, which ultimately provides 25 percent off to small groups. If the sea is what you need, cruise lines including Celestyal and MSC are offering big savings on itineraries bought in the window between Black Friday and Travel Tuesday.

Wherever the U.S. holiday brings us this year, the TripActions team members will be grateful for the in-person connections we’ve built throughout the year and enjoy the power of being present with those who we join hands with on Thanksgiving.

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