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Aug 1, 2019

Scaling Enterprise Travel Programs with TripActions Consulting

The TripActions Team

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TripActions started with the idea of making business travel better for everyone at every company. In continuing our delivery of products and services that result in a best-in-class experience for all our customers, we’re thrilled to announce an expansion of our enterprise offerings with the launch of TripActions Consulting. This new offering will help organizations of every size and industry create and manage best-in-class corporate travel programs at scale. TripActions Consulting joins a suite of offerings, including TripActions VIP Luxe and TripActions Meetings and Events, that empowers global enterprises to delight their employees, improve travel spend visibility and control, and seize travel as a strategic lever for growth and culture.

“Since the beginning, we’ve differentiated TripActions with truly user-first experiences, AI-driven personalization, and high-touch, proactive services,” said Ariel Cohen, co-founder and CEO, TripActions. “As we’ve grown our customer portfolio, we’ve seen companies of every size and industry around the world face similar challenges when creating robust, scalable travel programs. For years they’ve been forced to settle for outdated corporate travel management tools, and likewise, have endured consulting services that have over-promised and under-delivered. True to our culture of customer centricity, TripActions Consulting offers the latest in dynamic market data and emerging tech –– combined with strategic counsel –– to be a trusted advisor and partner in building scalable global travel programs.”

As a result of new technologies, the fast-innovating supplier landscape is experiencing a fundamental shift. Newly-minted shopping experiences and channels, including the industry’s Next Generation Storefront (NGS) and New Distribution Capabilities (NDC), offer suppliers exciting ways to market their differentiated offerings to travelers –– mimicking, in many ways, how travelers book leisure travel. These emerging channels ultimately create a highly dynamic, complex market that’s constantly shifting. Whereas legacy supplier sourcing tactics were static, organizations must now incorporate the latest and greatest into their company policy to deliver best-in-class corporate travel programs.

TripActions Consulting takes advantage of our innovations in machine learning and data analytics, ready adoption of new supplier technologies, travel management expertise, and best-in-class traveler experience — bringing to market a new approach to how companies analyze, design, build, implement, and ultimately manage world-class travel supplier programs.

TripActions Consulting will focus on three key areas:

  • Incorporating the latest in supplier technologies and market pricing: Overcoming the challenges of legacy supplier sourcing by applying the latest shopping experiences in-market, while leveraging the company’s innovations in machine learning and data analytics.
  • Effective and efficient negotiation of supplier agreements: Securing unique air, lodging, and car inventory for customers (by innovating legacy sourcing processes) to deliver full value offerings and new benefits to travelers without compromising spend targets.
  • High-touch, strategic travel program development and implementation: Providing a white-glove, always-on engagement model for sharing the latest market expertise, analytics, and insights so clients can take advantage of dynamic changes and incorporate them more readily into their travel programs.

“TripActions Consulting will set the bar for what modern travel management partners should provide to better service business traveler needs, while taking into account the financial imperatives of the enterprise, and the market realities for suppliers,” noted Daniel Finkel, VP of booking experience and supplier strategy, TripActions. “Our goal is to create a win-win-win strategy for the industry –– and better serve our TripActions community. The ultimate result are fully robust, effective travel programs that scale with our customers as their businesses expand globally.”

We’re excited for this next step in our continued effort to overhaul corporate travel with both the traveler and the enterprise in mind. For more information on TripActions Consulting, check out the press release.

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