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Feb 13, 2020

The Business Travel Guide to Tokyo Narita Airport

The TripActions Team

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We believe that the journey is the reward in all areas of life -- including business travel. That’s why we want to shift the attitude around airports and layovers from necessary to celebrated.

International airports are becoming more interesting and useful spaces through technology and design. Some airports aim to be a reflection of their home bases while others design open spaces that are so clean and efficient that they transcend location or culture.

No matter which airport, or how long you’re there, it is possible to master airport zen.

As part of TripActions business travel guides to airports and cities, we took some notes based on business travelers’ time at Tokyo Narita Airport.

Here’s a strategy to take care of all business travelers needs when passing through Tokyo:

Get Your ‘Kanpai!’ On

Narita Airport offers more than 100 eateries across its three terminals. Road warriors argue that it has some of the best airport food available around the world.

For a more relaxed, sit-down atmosphere, head to Terminals 1 and 2 for ramen, sushi, and innumerable noodle dishes. While the local options are a food alternative to meals in Tokyo, there are also Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Western options spread throughout the three terminals. Business traveler favorites include Sushi Kyotatsu, Blue Sky Miso Kitchen, and Goemon.

For a faster snack, there are enough cafes, kiosks, and bars to meet your hanger. If you have an overnight layer, head to Yoshinoya in Terminal 2, Floor 2 for 24-hour service.

Lounge Access for All

Experienced business travelers know the best place to freshen up over some snacks is one of Narita’s various lounges. There’s good news for newer business travelers too -- several lounges are accessible to any traveler regardless of airline status or flight class.

Business travelers flying economy class can pre-book their lounge visit online or use the lounge membership program to check-in and kick back in comfort. The Narita Sky Lounge Wa inside Terminal 2 is free for all flyers and comes complete with reclining sofas and and power outlets.

If you need a little more privacy for that power nap, the capsule hotel 9hours can be rented by the hour. Business travelers can pay slightly more for a shower in addition to the small but safe place to snooze.

Shop Like a Local

No layover in Narita is complete without popping into the Pokemon Store in Terminal 2, which seemingly sells every Pikachu product ever made.

Other business travel treats are the novel embroidered socks at Tabio in Terminal 1 as well as Hokkaido's Shiroi Koibito cookies, Kyoto's yatsuhashi (cinnamon-filled triangular mochi pouches) and Tokyo Bananas sold in the tax-free store.

Power Off

Physical and mental stress is a realistic aspect of business travel. Narita plays this card well with a number of high-quality spaces for massage, reflexology, nails, and haircuts.

If you’re looking for a more unique means of relaxing, head to Oxygen Lounge JUKO! to breathe deeply for 10-minute intervals.

Crash Course in Culture

If you’re craving some artistic stimulation at the airport, head to Kabuki Gate. The kabuki-themed gallery and shop portrays the joys of this classical Japanese dance-drama with costumes, wigs, and a Kabuki Face Photo Booth to ‘paint’ your face in the traditional kumadori fashion. The shop also contains unique souvenirs.

As appealing as spending a few hours at Tokyo Narita might sound right now, TripActions business travelers are never left waiting at the airport for long. Our team of 24/7 365 global travel agents are ready to assist you no matter how far work takes you. Get in touch to schedule a demo of TripActions today to learn more.

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