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Aug 3, 2020

Business Travel News for the Week: August 3

Samantha Shankman

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With August here, all eyes are turning towards the autumn as corporations prepare to send their top performers, executives, sales leaders, and other road warriors back to the skies. Health and safety is a top concern and we’ve talked to experts across the field to help travel managers better understand how they can support their employees mentally and physically in the coming months.

Financial health is nearly as important as personal health today, which is why we’re also breaking down what finance leaders should be thinking about when it comes to managing expenses and travel for our new normal.

For those still questioning exactly what travel is like today, we have good news: Hospitality and safety is at an all time high as you’ll hear on the latest episode of the TripActions podcast: The New Normal for Road Warriors.

As you decide on your return to business and travel plan, we encourage you to use our free-to-the-public TripActions Business Travel Recovery™ Tool and our COVID-19 Report in the TripActions Admin Dashboard. These help you assess the safety of travel, understand any government regulations associated with travel, and use other pertinent real-time data to guide your business and travel policy decisions.

You can also explore the most pressing industry topics on the TripActions Community, which has valuable insight from travel managers, finance leaders, HR professionals, and others.

Now, let’s dive into what’s happening across the industry today. You can check out past weekly news roundups here:

2020 Business Travel Buyer's Handbook [Business Travel News]

BTN's Special Edition of the 2020 Business Travel Buyer's Handbook addresses the unique challenges of buying and managing travel during COVID-19. As always, the industry's annual answer book contains the rock-solid fundamentals for building and optimizing your organization's travel program.

What Airports are doing to Welcome Travelers Back [MeetingsNet]

Go behind the scenes of airport operations with Richard Golinowski, vice president of operations support at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, as he navigates the steps to making sure that his airports remain a safe environment for travelers.

Flying Economy Class in a Post-Pandemic World: Introducing “Economy Zones” [Simple Flying]

Redesigning economy class has moved up the priority list as a result of the pandemic. It’s been exciting to see new concepts pop up from designers who are rethinking how we travel. Here are some of the most innovative ideas.

COVID-19 Summer Booking Trends for Hoteliers [PhocusWire]

Although travel is not yet returning on a global level, hotel occupancy is on the rise post-lockdown in many domestic and drive markets. This article highlights five main points to consider when thinking about the remainder of the summer season including why it’s important to maintain rates while driving value.

Who Will Business Travelers Hold Accountable for their Safety after the Pandemic? [Fortune]

Former road warriors are eager to return to the road, and travel suppliers from airlines to hotels are working hard to ensure that the experience is safe for all involved. But in a world in which some risk remains, everyone from individuals to corporate travel teams are questioning whom is held responsible in a worst case scenario.

Lyft, Other Car Services Cater to Grounded Corporate Travelers [Skift]

While most business travelers are looking for information on the safety and hygiene protocols implemented by airlines and hotels, car-share services remain a necessary part of business travel today. This article highlights the steps that these services are taking to meet corporations’ needs around cost and safety.

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