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Jul 6, 2020

Business Travel News for the Week: July 6

Samantha Shankman

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We’re back after the long holiday weekend in the United States, and the world is a little different than we left it last week. The EU is opening its borders, the UK has removed quarantine restrictions for dozens of countries, and the US is ready for domestic travel although some hot spots remain a challenge.

What we’ve been most excited to see is the businesses around the world that have taken the opportunity to modernize their corporate T&E program in anticipation for an uncertain future. They’ve recognized what a critical role business travel and expense plays in their organization’s growth and success, and they’ve reached out to make sure that they have the most innovative T&E technology paired with best-in-class travel agent support supporting their enterprise and travelers on their path to business recovery.

In a continuing effort to serve our customers old and new, we created the TripActions Academy with 28 courses on how to craft and customize a corporate travel and expense program that works for you. We’re also publishing guides on everything from how to navigate the corporate travel RFP process to managing expectations for the new realities of business travel and expense.

Wherever your business is on the path to getting back to business travel safely and cost effectively, we encourage you to make the task a little simpler by using our free-to-the-public TripActions Business Travel Recovery™ Tool or our COVID-19 Report in your TripActions Admin Dashboard. These help you assess the safety of travel, understand any government regulations associated with travel, and use other pertinent real-time data to guide your business and travel policy decisions. Plus explore the most pressing industry topics on the TripActions Community of travel managers, finance leaders, HR professionals, and others.

Now, let’s dive into what’s happening across the industry today. You can check out past weekly news roundups here.

Airline Passenger Temperature Checks Debated as Coronavirus Cases Surge [USA Today]

Although airlines have pushed the federal government to conduct passenger temperature screenings at airports across the country, TSA Administrator David Pekoske recently stated that no decision had been made. There are flaws in relying on temperature checks alone as they wouldn’t account for asymptomatic passengers. For now, airlines are able to issue their own mandates around temperature checks, mask requirements, and even middle seat strategies.

EU to Remain Closed to U.S. Travelers as Borders Open [The Wall Street Journal]

On July 1, the European Union lifted travel restrictions among its member nations as well as 15 additional countries — but the United States did not make the list. State leaders were torn over the decision and the prospect of forfeiting the summer tourist season, but it is unlikely that the borders will open for Americans this month. What should be of the utmost concern now is preventing a second wave so business travel between the two continents can start again as quickly as possible to drive economic recovery.

What Are the UK’s Travel Rules & Which Countries Can You Visit? [BBC]

The UK changed its rules this week making it possible for English citizens to travel abroad and come home without a mandatory quarantine starting on July 10. A list of 59 destinations was released today, and although some require quarantine on arrival from the UK, English travelers now have plenty of options for leisure travel or business travel that are exempt from quarantines. This is big news for the UK, which can get back to travel more quickly than their colleagues in the U.S.

Travel Managers Are Working Out How Companies Can Return to Travel [Skift]

It seems paradoxical but travel managers have never been busier. Although business travelers are now home safely and new policies are in place, travel managers are tasked with tracking travel updates and preparing their employees to travel again safely. Skift’s Corporate Travel reporter Matthew Parsons dives into the challenges and goals of travel managers in this timely article.

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