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Mar 23, 2020

Business Travel News for the Week: March 23

Samantha Shankman

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Each week is unlike any other that we’ve lived before, and the TripActions team continues to work day and night to take care of our users and travelers, releasing new products that address the unique challenges facing travel managers today. So, let’s get up to speed.

Last week TripActions released four new business travel continuity features to enable travel managers, finance and operations leaders, and HR professionals to manage travel programs during unforeseen circumstances that threaten to disrupt business operations.

In times of restricted travel and uncertainty, our number one priority is empowering our customers to ensure the safety of their travelers. To this end, we’re hosting a webinar this coming Wednesday, March 25, in which we’ll dive into business travel continuity. The webinar will dive deep on this topic, covering the ability of organizations to rapidly adapt to ensure they can be resilient in the face of business disruptions, dynamic market changes, and quickly evolving situations like COVID-19.

For companies who found themselves unprepared for coronavirus and recognized the need for a corporate travel management partner, we created a RFP success kit for companies eager to get on board to protect their traveling employees, control costs and save money.

In other news, the corporate travel industry and industries around the world are quickly adapting to a new and temporary shift in how business gets done. We’ve been inspired by the innovation that we’ve seen and how open-hearted and community-minded leaders have remained.

For the most accurate and up to date information on the evolving COVID-19 situation, please look to the WHO Situation Reports and CDC. You can also find the latest on the TripActions Community and within the coronavirus report in your TripActions Admin Dashboard.

You can check out all our weekly news roundups here. Now, here’s the top news of the week:

Ongoing Live Coverage: Coronavirus and the Travel Industry [Skift]

Since late January, Skift has covered the impact on the travel industry caused by COVID-19. The editorial team curates and comments on industry news highlighting how the industry is evolving and adopting during this unique moment.

With Travel Restricted, T&E Payment Fraud Comes Under More Scrutiny [PaymentsSource]

With many companies suffering a loss of business due to the spread of COVID-19, they are becoming more mindful of how their budgets are being spent. When corporate travel picks up again, companies will likely be scrutinizing every receipt. Data collected by academics has shown that expense fraud is a bigger problem than many realize.

Technology could make a significant difference. TripActions Liquid™ enables companies to sync their corporate cards with online and mobile platforms which provide visibility into all transactions made on a business trip in real-time. Now is the time for companies to invest in the technology and systems for their future.

Webinar: Managing a Prolonged Crisis in 2020 and Beyond [GBTA]

Presented by the GBTA Risk Committee to discuss the “new normal” as travel professionals continue to cope with the current pandemic, uncover how to manage the road to recovery, and prepare for the business upturn after COVID-19.

Hourly Updates: Coronavirus Travel Policies & Advisories [One Mile at a Time]

A consistently updated and accurate guide on the various rules and waivers across hotel and airlines, along with assorted travel advisories.

Major Travel Rebounds Historically Follow Downturns, Expert Says [TravelPulse]

It’s critical that anyone who runs a travel or tourism business creates a recovery plan and does their best to understand how their key markets will react once things – and people – start moving again. While the power of technology is so important right now, we continue to believe in the power of being there in person and look forward to the day when we can all be in the skies again.

To learn more about the new TripActions features and how to ensure business travel continuity, plus see a demo, tune into the live webinar TripActions: Business Travel Continuity and TripActions Liquid™ on Wednesday, March 25 at 10 AM Pacific.

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