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Mar 15, 2021

Business Travel + Payments News for March 15

Samantha Shankman

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Spring is in the air and with it comes some fascinating data from the TSA, which reported that more travelers passed through U.S. airports this Friday than any other day since March 2020. While two weeks turned out to be 12 months, we can hardly complain as we embark on an entirely new approach to work and business travel. The long repose gave enterprises around the world the opportunity to reflect on how and why they work and what’s emerging is a dynamic shift in who travels, when, where and for how long. Join us at TripActions as we chart a new path to more meaningful business travel alongside our 4,000+ customers worldwide.

And remember, as you return to business travel, our free-to-the-public TripActions Business Travel Recovery™ Tool and the COVID-19 Reports remain powerful tools. They’ll help you assess the safety of travel by region, understand any associated government regulations, and use other pertinent real-time data to guide policy decisions. You can also explore the most pressing industry topics in the TripActions Community, which offers valuable insights from travel managers, finance leaders, HR professionals, and others.

Now, here’s what’s happening across the industry today. You can check out past weekly news roundups here:

More Travelers Passed Through U.S. Airports on Friday Than Any Day Since March 2020 [New York Times]

U.S. airports had 1.357 million people pass through on Friday, the highest number on any day since March 2020. The new TSA figures will be welcome news for the aviation industry, which was granted some relief in the stimulus bill that President Biden signed on Thursday.

One Year In, These Grounded Frequent Fliers Want Back Up in the Air [Washington Post]

Travelers who counted themselves as road warriors say Zoom will never fully replace all the travel they once did, and they’re eager to get back up in the air. In this article, four road warriors share what they miss most about life on the road, how they’ve adjusted to their lives at home, and what they believe will be different if they return full-time to the skies.

Entire Hotels Are Starting to Get Booked for a New Round of Company Retreats [Skift]

When Chinese tourists flocked to Wuhan for Golden Week in October last year, it was described as “revenge travel” — a way for them to express feel-good support for the beleaguered city. Corporate travel can expect to see its own version of this phenomenon next year, if not earlier, as companies book retreats to reunite employees after lengthy periods of remote working and virtual meetings.

How IATA’s Travel Pass Will Help Eliminate Vaccine Certificate Fraud [Simple Flying]

With vaccinations and COVID test status being paper-based in so many countries, the potential for fraud and fakery is high. IATA says that its Travel Pass could ‘all but eliminate’ this problem by providing verified, secure status proof that is tied to our digital identity.

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