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Apr 13, 2021

Business Travel + Payments News for the Week: April 12

Samantha Shankman

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It’s time to start planning those highly anticipated business reunions—but with all that’ changed over the past 12 months, organizations need new tools and insights to travel safely.

To that end, TripActions recently launched a new suite of health and safety tools for business travelers. With new product features such as notification enhancements, a digital health passport, and an automated unused ticket application, TripActions is making business travel as safe and productive as possible.

Of course, the future of business travel is intricately linked with the future of work, which is why a full toolkit—including a virtual payment solution—is now considered essential for organizations’ T&E strategy. To learn more about this holistic approach to travel and expense management, listen to TripActions Liquid GM Michael Sindicich.

Now, here’s what’s happening across the industry today. Check out past weekly news roundups here.

Steps That Businesses are Taking to Return to Travel [Cheddar]

Nina Herold, Chief Product and Operations Officer at TripActions, joined Cheddar to discuss steps that companies and employees are taking to get back to traveling, and how TripActions is working to help.

Business Travel Projected to Return to 70 Percent of Pre-Covid Levels By Year End [Yahoo! Finance]

GoldSpring Consulting, a leader in business travel and meetings consulting, recently released statistics from the firm’s Business Traveler Sentiment Survey, revealing key insights on return to travel comfort levels from thousands of employees worldwide. Notably, 63% of business travelers desire to travel within six months at time surveyed, or by October 1, putting the industry on track for 70 percent of travelers saying yes to travel by the end of the year.

Corporate Travel Prepares for Post-Vaccine Realities [Business Travel News]

Widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines could be a matter of weeks away in the United States. It’s a key component of the corporate travel industry’s recovery, of course, but it’s also presenting new policy, technology, and ethical considerations for corporate travel programs.

The 100 Virtual Work Startups That Will Complement Business Travel [Skift]

Despite the indicators, travel experts cannot say that technology advancements are a direct substitution for business travel. That begs the question, “How can software be used as a complementary opportunity instead of a competitor to business travel?”

Expense Violations Have Skyrocketed During COVID [Benefit News]

Employees are getting bolder with their expense reports while working from home. Expense violations skyrocketed 292% in 2020, according to the 2021 Spend Report by Oversight, an expense management platform. Employees are using workplace funds to purchase office equipment, electronics, and meals, and that’s sounding alarm bells for HR managers.

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