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Feb 1, 2021

Business Travel + Payments News for the Week: February 1

Samantha Shankman

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What is the future of business travel? It’s one of the most compelling questions that industry leaders, company executives, and business travelers themselves are asking today. Just take a look at the news below and you’ll see that major business and tech publications around the world are making their predictions based on current work and health trends.

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Now, here’s what’s happening across the industry today. You can check out past weekly news roundups here.

The Future of Business Travel: A New High-Tech Take on Work Trips [TechRepublic]

The business travel industry is reinventing itself for the remote work era and a world forever transformed by COVID-19. While many sales leaders remain confident business travel will return to its pre-pandemic levels, they foresee the rise of the digital nomad and increased travel among people who choose to merge professional lives with vacation.

Facing Up to the Demands of Post-Brexit Business Travel [Financial Times]

With a thicket of new visa rules facing UK business travelers when they resume trips to the EU, this FT columnist breaks down exactly what planning and paperwork will be needed for even a short train ride. However, there’s no doubt that business travel between the UK and EU as business leaders begin to meet in person again.

Airbnb Sees Regional Travel Boom in 2021, Less ‘Mass Travel’ [Bloomberg]

Travel in 2021 will be focused on regional destinations rather than international tourist meccas, according to a report released by Airbnb on Thursday. Exactly when people will feel ready to travel is hard to predict but vaccine distribution will determine traveler behavior, CEO Brian Chesky said. People “want to travel to places that are private -- not around a lot of people -- or, in cities and communities where most people have been vaccinated.”

How Travel Will Change in 2021 and Beyond [Quartz]

Quartz’s Asia bureau chief Tripti Lahiri explores what travel will look like in the coming year as governments work on an equitable plan to get things back to normal. As suppliers around the world have worked quickly to establish safety and health procedures, government regulations have become the major hurdle to resuming business travel as planned.

GBTA: Governments Should Reconsider Quarantines for International Travel [Business Travel News]

The Global Business Travel Association called on governments to rethink the use of quarantines for international travel, questioning the effectiveness of quarantine as a measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19. GBTA's statement comes in the wake of announcements from Western governments to broaden or impose new quarantine requirements.

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