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Feb 22, 2021

Business Travel + Payments News for the Week: February 22

Samantha Shankman

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This past week, TripActions analysis revealed that 55% of the unused ticket credits that most companies have on file have expiration dates in 2021; the rest expire in 2022.

It’s become clear that even the best intentioned plans set in early 2020 are no longer relevant, as business travel continues to adapt to the dynamic environment. Travel managers today are focused on crafting long-term, resilient programs that take risk, financial health, and employee safety into account. And they’re investing in the tools that make that possible. This week’s new round up looks at the future of business travel, not as a temporary stop gap but as a new way of moving through the world.

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Now, here’s what’s happening across the industry today. You can check out past weekly news roundups here.

Here’s What the Future of Business Travel Looks Like [Sifted]

In what’s becoming a more common perspective, remote working will actually lead to more travel. Companies will shift their office costs to group travel costs in an effort to bring together employees for team meetings and company-wide offsite. But the nature of business travel itself will change with employees already taking advantage of remote work to temporarily relocate. The future of business travel will be fascinating to watch unfold — and these are the trends and startups that will lead the way.

The Most Optimistic U.S. Airline Prepares for a Post-Pandemic Travel Boom [CNBC]

Las Vegas-based airline Allegiant is well-equipped to handle the current travel climate and optimistic about future bookings with several factors in its favor: The airline is lean, focused on U.S. domestic travel with nonstop routes to beach and other outdoor destinations from midsize cities that have remained relatively buoyant in the pandemic.

Meet the Business Travelers Who Can’t Wait to Get Back on the Road [Washington Post]

With most business travel grounded for the better part of a year and a return to 2019 levels potentially years away, some former road warriors are relieved to be free of the grind. But others find themselves missing every little detail.

A Different Early-Bird Special: Have Vaccine, Will Travel[New York Times]

People over 65 have been among the first in line to receive Covid-19 vaccinations. And among hotels, cruise lines and tour operators, the data is clear: Older travelers are leading a wave in new travel bookings.

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