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May 3, 2021

Business Travel + Payments News for the Week: May 3

The TripActions Team

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As destinations open their borders to vaccinated travelers, it becomes clear that business travel will be back in a meaningful way by autumn, which means that organizations must prepare their approach—including strategies and tools—as soon as possible.

The TripActions team never wavered in its belief that in-person meetings are a non-negotiable part of business. They’ve worked tirelessly throughout the past few months to build new products and iterate on existing ones, so that customers can be prepared for their first trip. From the new Sustainability Feature Suite, designed to help organizations make strategic decisions aligned with their values, to the Return to Travel Suite and new Liquid features, designed to make travel as safe and cost-effective as possible—TripActions customers are prepared for open borders and long team lunches.

Here’s what’s happening across the industry today. Check out past weekly news roundups here.

Aviation, Travel Groups Urge Fully Reopening U.S.-UK Travel Market [Reuters]

A coalition of U.S. and European travel, airline, union, business, and airport groups on Monday called for fully reopening the U.S.-UK air travel market "as soon as safely possible."

How the Travel Industry Is Embracing Sustainability [SmartBrief]

As travel by air increases and COVID-19 hopefully becomes a problem of the past, airlines are more focused than ever on achieving environmentally friendly measures.

Corporate Card Investment Heats Up In Possible Sign Of Business Travel Return [PYMNTS]

Corporate card innovation—and competition—are heating up, as industry fintechs pursue new funding and invest in value-added functionality. All market activity points to the accelerated digitization of B2B payments and the eventual return of the business trip.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Have to Do with Business Travel? Watch This Video to Find Out [FastCompany]

What if booking a business trip was as easy as ordering an item from Amazon Prime? Hear how industry experts are leveraging technology to shape the future of the business travel experience.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Review Your Travel & Spend Policy [PhocusWire]

As the business travel landscape keeps evolving, policies will have to keep shifting to keep pace. That means building in more flexibility to accommodate quick pivots, as well as incorporate more nuanced controls to allow for more focused approvals and more streamlined processes.

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