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Dec 2, 2020

Business Travel + Payments News for the Week: November 30

Samantha Shankman

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We’re heading into the final month of 2020 with confidence. It might sound surprising for a corporate travel company, but the truth is that we’re enlightened and excited about the speed of innovation that’s been born from this year’s crises. We’ve seen incredible progress not only in our product but throughout the industry. Technology, functionality, and processes that could have taken years were developed in a matter of months — and our entire industry will emerge stronger for it.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the progress that’s been made in travel agent support technology or virtual cards’ ability to transform corporate travel. Not only are our corporate travel and expense tools becoming more advanced, but the teams that craft them are more inclusive and diverse. Join us in celebrating a year filled with challenges, opportunities, teamwork, and collaboration.

As you chart a path to return to business travel, we encourage you to continue to reference our free-to-the-public TripActions Business Travel Recovery™ Tool and our COVID-19 Report in the TripActions Travel Manager Dashboard. These will help you assess the safety of travel, understand any associated government regulations, and use other pertinent real-time data to guide your policy decisions. You can also explore the most pressing industry topics on the TripActions Community, which offers valuable insights from travel managers, finance leaders, HR professionals, and others.

Now, let’s dive into what’s happening across the industry today. You can check out past weekly news roundups here.

Airlines Give COVID-19 Safety Tours to Corporate Executives to Convince Them to Restart Business Travel [CNBC]

In this news clip, CNBC’s Phil LeBeau explains how Delta and other airlines are thoroughly explaining their COVID-19 safety procedures to corporate travel managers as they build confidence and support organizations in restarting business travel.

Is It Safe to Fly During the Pandemic? Answers from the Experts [New York Times]

How safe is flying? Numerous studies suggest that the risk of contracting coronavirus while flying is very low. Experts from various fields agree that the air on a plane cabin is filtered very well and the chances of getting the coronavirus while on a plane in flight are low.

The Busiest Day for U.S. Air Travel Since March 2020 [CNN]

U.S. planes carried more passengers on Sunday, November 29 than on any other day since March, according to the Transportation Security Administration. That’s when the agency began releasing daily counts of passengers passing through security checkpoints.

Expense Management Innovates for the Return of Corporate Travel []

The temporary pause in business travel that’s occurred in 2020 has created an opportunity for industry players to significantly improve the business travel experience in anticipation of corporate travel’s return. Real-time data connectivity is one of the ripest areas for innovation, with the potential to increase efficiencies and optimize the traveler experience. This article reviews the opportunity to improve expense management as part of the corporate travel experience.

Around the World at Home [New York Times]

Whether you’re traveling for work without the usual extended weekend, strategizing how your team can resume business travel, or still at home and missing your team’s annual holiday offsite, the New York Times has you covered. Its new “Around the World at Home” series shares tips on how to pretend you’re anywhere from Tokyo to Paris. It’s a brief armchair reprieve and reminder why we’re all working together to get back to business travel as safely and quickly as possible.

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