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February 26, 2018

The Truth: Business Travelers Are Fed Up

Wow are business travelers frustrated! We knew we struck a nerve when we started TripActions two years ago, but little did we know how much business travelers hated the old fashioned, outdated solutions on the market.

To better understand the changing corporate travel industry, we recently conducted a survey of nearly 1100 business travelers. While we sift through all of the results, I want to share a few of the early highlights. These stats are simply too compelling to wait to release:

  • Over 50% of business travelers book outside the tool “mandated” by their company.

  • 83% of employees spend over 1 hour booking a business trip, while almost half spend over 2+ hours of their work day. How is that even possible?

  • 63% of frequent business travelers feel that they have to fend for themselves when something goes awry on a work trip (which somehow always seems to happen!)

  • Plus, only 7% (yes, 7%!) of travelers have a support team proactively reach out to them when something goes wrong such as a missed flight connection or being walked from an overbooked hotel.

In the coming months we’ll issue our first annual report of corporate travelers which will reveal the rest of the survey results. This report will unlock the ins and outs of being a road warrior, with an inside look at how travelers feel about their company’s travel program and also the evolving needs of the next generation of business travelers. Based upon the results so far, I know we made the right move when we started TripActions.

Always put the traveler first. Since our very first day we have followed that credo and based upon the 97% traveler satisfaction rate we’ve seen, our business travelers agree. While we can’t stop mother nature or fix the mechanics of a plane, we know we’re doing our job when we save road-weary travelers time booking their trip or get them home to their loved ones.


Posted by: Ariel Cohen, CEO & Co-founder

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