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May 16, 2020

Looking after Business Travelers’ Safety & Well-Being

Kate Kirby

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It’s no secret that business travel has never been easy on travelers. Now, while leaders are looking to re-launch their travel programs, they have a terrific opportunity--and obligation--to retool their program to provide the safety and support for well-being that business travelers need and expect.

As travel has become more complex following the coronavirus epidemic, many are already rethinking their travel programs, and now is an ideal time to gear your program with an eye towards wellness.

What do we mean when we talk about business traveler well-being? We’re not simply talking about travelers’ physical safety from threats like health crises and geopolitical unrest. It also covers travelers’ mental well-being, due to the new stresses and worries they’ll face as they begin to travel again. These will layer on top of the familiar challenges such as time away from family, long hours of travel, and the like.

Your travel program now must fully support all sides of traveler well-being--in a way that many have not considered before.

TripActions recently partnered with BTN on a survey of both travel managers and frequent travelers that revealed the issues travel programs need to resolve to get business travelers back on the road, feeling safe and productive.

BTN’s Business Traveler Safety & Well-Being Report provides a number of insights finance, HR and travel leaders can leverage as they update their travel programs, including:

  • Differing expectations around who should own which aspects of traveler well-being
  • Varied components of companies’ traveler well-being programs
  • The role of TMCs and travel management platforms in traveler well-being
  • The most important types of education and advice organizations can provide

The report shows significant gaps between what travel managers believe the programs should include and what business travelers say they need--but that’s not bad news. In fact, when you take the steps to address those gaps, you’ll be one step closer to a successful travel program in the post-COVID world. Learn more in the report.

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