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Apr 19, 2022

Carta Leverages TripActions’ Suite of Travel and Expense Solutions

Milan Lostica

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More than 8,000 companies have modernized travel, corporate card, and expense management solutions with TripActions, making giant leaps in cost and time savings while improving visibility, control, and employee satisfaction. See all of the customer success stories in the Resource Center.

Carta, a Forbes Fintech 50 company, recently turned to TripActions to enhance the user experience of its travel, corporate card, and expense management stack.

Prior to using TripActions, the company handled travel bookings with disparate systems: SAP Concur for expenses, and separate vendors for travel booking and management. Some pain points of this disjointed system included:

  • Poor user experience
  • Lack of visibility and reporting
  • Missing policy controls
  • Costly travel program

Taking advantage of TripActions’ full suite of products─TripActions for travel, TripActions Liquid™ for corporate cards and expense management, and TripActions Lemonade for personal travel─proved to be a winning strategy. Since the switch, Carta has:

  • Saved 15% on hotel bookings and car rental
  • Increased compliance: 96% of bookings are within max-price company policy
  • Gained real-time visibility into their travel and expense programs

Carta employees are happy, too. They’ve awarded TripActions a net promoter score of 72 and report a 90% customer satisfaction rating for traveler support. The employee-first company also appreciates the ability for staff to book personal travel with TripActions Lemonade at no additonal cost.

“We chose TripActions because it provides a unified traveler experience,” explained Carta’s Head of Procurement, Hugh Drinkwater. “Now if [our people] get a flight delay, they can go directly in the app and deal with one person and one platform on the fly. Traveling for work can be very strenuous and we want to be sure that people are not stressed, but rather refreshed and that they're having great experiences.”

Learn more: Download the Carta Case Study

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