April 6, 2018

CNBC: TripActions’ Gains Momentum in Corporate Travel Space

The TripActions Team
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March was a big month for TripActions and our clients to say the least.

Securing $51 million in Series B funding caught the attention of major news outlets like CNBC, who reported on TripActions’ employee-centric approach to disrupting the corporate travel industry as well as our future plans to expand into international markets, with sights set on establishing new offices within the US and globally.

The article shared that today 90% of corporate travel managers surveyed by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives said they use “visual guilt” to remind travelers about the company’s price policies and keep them within a particular budget. CNBC highlighted the way TripActions offers a more employee friendly way to encourage responsible spending. Amazon gift cards, personal travel credits or other business travel upgrades, for example, give TripActions travelers valuable and actionable reasons to care about the company dime and save money on hotel bookings in ways traditional travel policies typically do not.

While powerful in and of itself, the TripActions Hotel Rewards Program detailed by CNBC makes up only a small part of TripActions’ complete travel management solution. Expanded travel options mixing corporate and consumer inventories, dynamic travel policies, mobile-friendly user experiences and a powerful proactive 24/7 traveler support all together give our customers and their employees a travel management platform that reduces costs and supports every detail of their corporate travel needs--a sorely needed asset in the business travel space.

Such a powerful, all-in-one solution that understands the impact of personal, face-to-face relationships is where TripActions differentiates from corporate travel companies that struggle to innovate for today’s market demands. Adding more customers such as Box, Foursquare and many others marks yet another significant phase of growth and success.

Learn why leading companies such as Box, SurveyMonkey and Foursquare trust TripActions for their business travel by talking to our team today.