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Jan 10, 2022

ConnectWise Grows Overnight, Finds Scalable T&E Solution in TripActions

Milan Lostica

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More than 5,000+ companies have modernized corporate travel, corporate card and expense management solutions with TripActions, making giant leaps in cost and time savings while improving visibility, control, and employee satisfaction. See all of the customer success stories in the Resource Center.

ConnectWise provides cybersecurity management, unified monitoring, and integrated services to its clients through an all-in-one flexible platform that backs all IT solution provider needs. When the rapidly scaling company acquired another organization and doubled its headcount, the larger group needed a single, all-in-one travel and expense (T&E) solution to support its expansive, overnight growth. The company made the switch to TripActions and has seen a 100% employee adoption rate with this transformative, unified T&E solution.

Prior to the acquisition, ConnectWise managed T&E with two separate systems: a legacy travel management company for team travel bookings, and a time-intensive internal expense management system which required months to complete reconciliations. Employees were frustrated by having to straddle disparate, clunky systems and often paid out of pocket rather than submit expenses for reimbursement.

ConnectWise’s acquisition thrust its need for a single end-to-end solution into the spotlight, and as the company evaluated options, TripActions quickly became the front-runner. Ultimately, ConnectWise chose TripActions for its ease of use and the efficiencies made possible by an all-in-one T&E solution. “As we’re a software company, a tech-forward solution like TripActions was a must for us,” explains Mindy Owen, Travel and Expense Manager, ConnectWise.

With TripActions, ConnectWise employees get an intuitive solution they’re happy to use; Owen and her team benefit from improved efficiency, as well as the cost savings that come from 100% employee adoption of the booking platform. Because employees are consistently booking in-solution, ConnectWise has realized 9% in net savings on bookings and is averaging an impressive 18-day booking lead time.

Plus, by using TripActions Liquid™ virtual cards to pay for 80% of hotel bookings and 100% of flights, ConnectWise has eliminated whole swaths of transaction reviews from their expense processes. “Liquid really streamlines employee travel, because itineraries are reconciled automatically and employees don’t have to expense bookings, which leaves me one less charge to review,” Owen said.

TripActions was just what ConnectWise needed as it scaled. “TripActions has really freed up my time and allowed me to focus on the more impactful and strategic aspects of being a travel manager,” Owen said.

Learn more about how TripActions helped transform ConnectWise’s business.

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