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August 22, 2018

“It Felt Like You Cared”: Constellation Labs Relies on TripActions to Travel the World

Meet Emily Arth.

Emily is the VP of Operations at Constellation Labs, a quickly growing start-up pushing to stay ahead of the curve in the already cutting edge blockchain space. With their business just launched and their minds collectively focused on pushing their technology forward, Constellation Labs hadn’t initially considered a business travel solution. But as the globally-oriented Constellation Labs team began to take off, that hole in their operations became obvious to Emily.

“Our team needed to go to the World Economics Forum in Switzerland and no one had any travel agent,” Emily recalled. “It suddenly became very apparent that we really needed some sort of a travel service.”

Business meetings and speaking engagements were piling up, and as the person tasked with keeping the company moving smoothly, Emily knew she needed to move fast. Many of the more traditional options she first considered seemed “archaic,” but then a co-worker recommended taking a look at TripActions and she quickly realized her search was over.

“My dream was to find something that would make everyone in our company feel good about booking travel themselves, and that’s exactly what’s happened.”

From her years in operations and as an executive assistant, Emily knew just how inefficient booking travel for others could be. “It always takes a lot of time,” she recalled. “And during the back and forth, you can lose flights and lose seating.” A successful solution for the fast-paced Constellation Labs would have to be simple enough for everyone at the company to not just use but use happily, and TripActions has delivered the intuitive experience she hoped for.

In addition to an easy-to-use interface, Emily says it’s really been the proactive customer support that’s convinced the team to adopt and embrace TripActions. On any given day, Emily will have travelers in motion from New York to Singapore to Amsterdam and every destination in between, and she knows that well coordinated travel ensures they’re focused on making the connections they traveled for instead of spending hours resolving travel issues.

“It’s great to be able to reach out to TripActions for everything,” said Emily. “We don’t have to spend time hunting down hotels if we need to make a change or a cancellation, or even to see if we can get a refund on rooms. It’s been a huge time saver for us.”

In her own experience, Emily recalled a time when she landed after a long international flight and realized she was far too tired to drive. While standing in the customs line, she was able to pull up a chat with TripActions. “Instead of having to deal with canceling the car, you did it for me. It’s those type of things that are so helpful.”

With so much on her plate, Emily also appreciates that TripActions gives her one place to track everyone’s travel status in real time; no more digging through emails to remember when the CEO is scheduled to land, or contacting airlines to see when a delayed traveler is now scheduled to take off. And she says TripActions streamlined method of monitoring and reporting travel expenses has been a huge plus. “Seeing what your travel spend is without going into QuickBooks,” relays Emily, “that’s unique and very helpful in terms of our budgeting.”

“I can't imagine that TripActions is not the future of everyone's travel.”

Meet Emily Arth. She uses TripActions to ensure her travelers are supported no matter where they are in the world, and she’s happy.


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