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Jul 26, 2019

Corporate Flight Booking Gets a Boost with NDC

The TripActions Team

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New Distribution Capability, or NDC, is a hot topic these days. An innovative end-to-end technical solution, NDC brings corporate travelers who book flights on a travel management platform such as TripActions closer to the carrier’s ecommerce experience. For road warriors used to a robust direct airline booking experience, this feature allows for access to more flight options, detailed ancillary content, and a higher degree of personalization.

But don’t just take our word for it — TripActions VP of Booking Experience and Supplier Strategy Danny Finkel recently sat down with Tye Radcliffe, Director of Distribution for United Airlines, to talk business travel, innovation in the flight booking experience, and — of course — NDC.

Here are a few standout highlights from their discussion:

  • NDC gives corporate travel booking a much-needed refresh: Ecommerce brands enjoy intuitive product placement, suggestions based on shopping behavior, and customer personalization — all of which, from Tye’s perspective, the airline industry should aspire to deliver to travelers.
  • Greater depth and breadth of inventory: With NDC, travelers have access to more extensive airline inventory, options, and services, while travel managers gain more holistic insight into all travel plans, booking behavior, and spend.
  • NDC partnerships put pressure on corporate travel: According to Tye, partnerships similar to what TripActions and United have built around NDC put pressure on legacy industry players to evolve for the betterment of all travelers.
  • The power of personalization: NDC gives precious time back to the business traveler by surfacing the right inventory at the right time, but also creates the ability to form dynamic offers based on the individual user. This benefits both the road warrior by providing a better, personalized experience, as well as organizations by encouraging more traveler adoption.

    Tye’s 20+ years of travel industry experience give him an expert perspective and detailed, comprehensive insights around NDC. You can learn even more about how NDC is changing corporate travel for the better by watching the on-demand webinar co-hosted by United.

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