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Nov 5, 2019

How Travel Program Adoption Drives Savings

Heather Lohmann

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It’s no secret that corporate travel program adoption can reap big benefits.

90% of business travelers and corporate travel buyers agree that business travel is important for driving company growth — it facilitates the face-to-face connections that help sales teams close more deals and foster established business relationships across the board. Because of business travel, globally distributed employees can come together in person to build stronger teams, marketers can take brand awareness campaigns on cross-country tours, and executives can get face time with customers no matter where in the world they are.

Unfortunately, however, many organizations that have implemented corporate travel programs end up hindering employees, and therefore, they don’t use the travel booking and management solution they’re provided. If business travelers aren’t booking their travel through a single platform, there’s no reliable way to keep track of their spend and behaviors. Without visibility, there’s no room to optimize for cost savings, and when you note that business travel expenses make up on average 10% of a business’ overall spend, the importance of a well managed travel program becomes abundantly clear.

Long story short, your travelers need to be onboard with your travel program and actually want to use the provided corporate travel management solution if your organization is going to fully realize the lucrative rewards of corporate travel. Without corporate travel program adoption, it becomes impossible to determine the best policies for the business or promote more cost-conscious booking behavior.

But it’s not all doom and gloom out there — the good news is that more innovative corporate travel solutions that keep the traveler’s experience in mind are helping improve end-to-end corporate travel for organizations of all kinds. By using machine learning-driven technologies and building user-friendly, intuitive features, these new and much-improved solutions are enhancing the booking and support experience to delight travelers, increase adoption, improve visibility, and ultimately drive more cost savings and business growth.

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