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Jun 4, 2019

Announcing Divvy Travel, Powered by TripActions

The TripActions Team

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Last November, we announced our partnership with the fast-growing business payment platform Divvy, a relationship that stemmed from our shared commitment to helping customers gain more visibility into spending, save money on business travel, and enable better expense management overall. Now, we're taking that partnership to the next level.

A Revolutionized Way to Manage Business Travel & Expenses Together

Earlier today, we announced the launch of Divvy Travel, powered by TripActions. The Divvy Travel solution will bring an even more comprehensive travel and expense management experience to Divvy customers by incorporating our corporate travel technology and service experience with Divvy’s expense management platform.

Divvy Travel will help businesses stress less and spend smarter on travel. Through our expanded partnership, Divvy customers will have access to:

  • 24/7 365 proactive traveler support
  • High adoption fueled by robust inventory and intuitive UI
  • Visibility and tracking of business travel spend and savings

CBO and Co-Founder Alex Bean of Divvy said, “We entered into a fruitful relationship last year when we partnered with TripActions, and now we’re ecstatic about launching Divvy Travel together. Business travel is a huge part of so many of our customers’ finances, so our partnership makes perfect sense. More specifically, Divvy Travel will give customers a one-stop business travel experience within the Divvy platform.”

With the addition of our industry-leading technology and support, Divvy customers will be able to book and manage business travel simply and quickly. This will save them time and money, and eliminate many of the hassles typically associated with business travel, such a lack of in-policy personalized booking options and 24/7 365 live human support. With Divvy Travel, companies will enjoy an automated and integrated expense process that tracks travel spending in real-time, reports on budgets at the point of purchase, and keeps money more secure with virtual cards.

What more could businesses and their road warriors want?

“Since we launched Divvy and TripActions, both companies have completely transformed the way our team manages travel and spend as related to travel and more. Given we’re a high-growth business, having this level of efficiency will be invaluable.” - Nicole Evans, Executive Assistant at Magleby Construction

“Conducting business in person is a powerful thing, and the process of business travel, from the time you book a trip to the time you’re reimbursed for it, has traditionally been a cumbersome and real burden for travelers and finance teams alike,” said Rich Liu, Chief Revenue Officer at TripActions. “Divvy has been a significant partner in helping us streamline this once clunky process to create one that is user-first, and ultimately helps organizations gain more visibility and efficiency."

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