Mar 30, 2022

What I’ve Learned In My First Month at TripActions

Doug Pullman

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As a new TripActions employee, my first thought was, “Wow—we built a product to save businesses money and make them more efficient…and it fulfills that promise!”

The goal for TripActions LiquidTM has always been to create a complete end-to-end solution for travel, corporate cards, and expense management. And I’ve learned that this company is hyper-focused on that goal; significant investments in the product demonstrate the commitment to bring this vision to life.

If I am surprised—in a good way—by anything at TripActions, it’s the desire and determination of our product, engineering, customer service, and marketing teams to reduce friction for our users. Everyone is always asking how we can make the product easier to use, cut onboarding time, and reduce the need to call support (and quickly resolve issues for those who need to).

It’s crazy that other companies don’t think this way.

Here’s what’s even more exciting: In our latest efforts to remove the pain from expense management, we’ve made improvements aimed at driving greater efficiencies and reducing expenses even more.

Auto-itemization, for example, uses machine learning to automatically itemize receipts—and it’s an absolute game-changer for accounting departments. This innovative feature significantly reduces the time employees and accounting departments need to submit and process receipts, while increasing the accuracy of the reporting.

Also, we changed our pricing model for small businesses, making our end-to-end expense management solution more accessible to them. Plus, we rolled out an online tool that makes it super-easy for those small businesses to sign up and onboard, reducing any friction in the process.

The result? Small businesses can be up and running with TripActions in minutes—not days, as with some of our competitors.

Before now, small businesses didn’t really have access to the sophisticated expense management tools and dynamic travel policy options that enterprise customers have enjoyed for decades. Now, thanks to TripActions, they can take full advantage.

It’s the intention of TripActions Liquid to make solutions more accessible, less expensive, and easier to use—for everyone. And that commitment is what truly sets us apart from our competitors.

If you’re looking to join a company that strives to fulfill its vision every day, explore our careers page. We have many open positions globally for people who know that the only way to succeed in business is the TripActions way—by putting the customer first.

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