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Nov 21, 2019

Prioritizing Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Sarah Ramos

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At the end of the day, any business’ greatest asset is its workforce and the overall health and growth of the organization depends on the health and satisfaction of its employees. For HR and People teams, this is no secret, and why so many leaders work diligently to make the employee experience a positive one.

But if employee well-being is the key to better business outcomes, why do so many organizations implement and maintain travel programs, platforms, and policies that frustrate and discourage those employees with out-of-date technologies and subpar on-the-go support?

TripActions turned to our very own Chief People Officer Leslie Crowe and Lorna Hagen, Chief People Officer for Namely, to talk engagement and why employee satisfaction should be a priority for organizations leveraging travel as a tool for organizational growth. Here’s a taste of what they covered in the webinar, now available on demand:

Numbers Don’t Lie

It’s clear that better business outcomes are dependent on the happiness of the company’s employees. Engaged employees are 20% more productive and satisfied sales teams specifically sell 37% more than those that aren’t. But to get to the root of what makes employees happy, it’s critical that HR teams understand what makes employees unhappy.

To be more productive and close more deals, many employees take to the skies, roads, and rails. In fact, 91% of employees report that they prefer to close a deal in person, even if it means taking a flight. In an ideal world, those employees would be booking travel for these business trips in the company’s preferred tool, but 50% of business travelers book independently, even if their companies provide a designated travel booking platform.

Corporate travel tools that are discouraging employees enough to go against the grain and book elsewhere are clearly not contributing to an engaged, productive workforce.

Where HR Comes In

HR teams need to be able to answer the question, “Are our traveling employees happy on the road?” And with 64% of business travelers feeling like they must fend for themselves if something grows wrong, it seems like most business travelers aren’t necessarily as satisfied as we would want them to be.

HR teams must prioritize employee engagement and satisfaction to give any business a boost up and to the right. At TripActions, we work with HR and people teams everyday to help them develop and maintain corporate travel programs that truly delight their employees.

“We talk so much about employee experience because there isn’t as much of a disconnect between work and life,” said Leslie Crowe, Chief People Officer at TripActions. “There’s a lot of things we can do as people teams to choose tools that support our workers and that are easy to use. As a people leader, you have to ask yourself, am I choosing tools my people actually want to use?”

Engaged Travelers for Strategic Growth

Employees are on-the-go for work all the time, and for HR teams that want to deliver the best employee experience, it’s time to address points of friction, especially when it comes to traveling.

If you’re looking to use business travel as a lever for strategic growth, the recent TripActions webinar, How to Build and Scale a Stellar Culture featuring our partner Namely, is now available on demand.

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