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Mar 5, 2021

Announcing Exchange: A B2B Fintech Newsletter from TripActions

Thomas Long

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More than $45 billion in fintech financing: That’s how much was deployed across 2,000 transactions over the course of 2020--the most active year ever for the industry. Today, B2B payments are a $127 trillion industry, and many recent developments in the consumer fintech space are now starting to expand into B2B.

And as the fintech industry continues to mature, it’s getting harder to sift through the most relevant news and assess what’s most important to finance leaders. To help separate the signal from the noise, TripActions is launching a new fintech newsletter focused specifically on B2B. It’s called Exchange.

Exchange will bring rich, detailed insights on the most important stories and trends in the space. Whether the reader is a CFO researching a new tech stack or an individual simply interested in learning more about this massive industry, Exchange will provide a unique perspective on the B2B finance landscape‒and hopefully provide actionable insights along the way.

TripActions can also add some unique commentary to this evolving discussion. We’re tackling this industry head-on with TripActions Liquid™, a payments and spend management platform, and we have a front row seat to what’s going on in the industry. Exchange will cover the innovations and industry news that are hitting the airwaves, and it will share what’s happening here at TripActions to modernize spend management.

Look for the first edition of Exchange in your inbox on March 10th, then bi-weekly after that. Sign up now to be an early adopter!

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