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Jul 14, 2020

Businesswomen Ready to Return to the Skies

Samantha Shankman

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Chaos breeds opportunity. When the virus literally shut down business travel in March 2020, the TripActions team leapt into action. We started talking to our users, customers, partners, and suppliers daily in order to understand how we could best serve them at that moment. Then we got to work building or enhancing the product, sometimes within a week of it being imagined. As their needs changed, our priorities changed and continued releasing new products and features that help fulfill duty of care, manage costs, and drive smart decisions.

We were able to respond so quickly, in large part, because we already had the habit of turning to our users -- all of our users, all of the time -- to determine in which direction we move in.

Since launching TripActions five years ago, we have constantly looked at who our users are and where and why they travel for work. In March, in honor of Women’s Month, we looked into the data behind businesswomen who traverse the globe to make connections, forge partnerships, and close deals. While we didn’t share the data then, as a virus overtook the conversation, we held onto it knowing that the day would come when we could think through the future of travel again.

Here, for the first time, we share TripActions proprietary data that highlights the habits, preferences, and routines of women business travelers from around the world:

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