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Apr 6, 2021

Five Reasons to Attend TRAVERSE 21

The TripActions Team

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TRAVERSE, the annual festival celebrating all things corporate travel and expense tech, takes place on September 29th of 2021 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California. This year, the event has special meaning. Yes, it’s a return to travel but it’s also a return to life as it was once known. Face-to-face meetings. Handshakes (or at least fist bumps). Happy hours. Tiny soap and the click-clack of rolling luggage marching down the concourse at DFW.

There’s a tacit excitement growing for TRAVERSE 21 as the economy starts humming and travel managers start dusting off spend and travel programs. But if that’s not enough to scratch the itch, here are five reasons to attend TRAVERSE 21—either physically or virtually:

1. Learn the New Path Forward for Corporate Travel and Spend

The world changed while everyone spent 2020 tethered to a video screen at the dining room table. And as travelers now get back on the road, there’s a new world of policy, duty-of-care, and reporting that the savvy manager needs to handle. Sure, TripActions will have plenty to share about its unified solution for corporate travel and spend at TRAVERSE 21, but in addition to that insight, hundreds of corporate travel and spend managers will also be at the conference sharing their knowledge and working together to build a path forward.

2. Hear Industry-Defining Keynotes

From executives in the global business travel community to expert managers handling complex global programs, TRAVERSE 21 will feature veteran leaders with a world view on where the industry is headed and how to optimize your programs for success. Get inspired by the best in the industry and take those learnings home for success.

3. Experience Your 2021-2022 Travel and Spend Program

With the economy opening up, attendees will get the opportunity to learn how leading companies are planning to optimize travel and spend programs and what to prepare for as employees get back on the road. Policy updates. Security procedures. In-flight catering. Rules for masks, vaccination cards and slippers in first class. Don’t waste time on months of research - attend TRAVERSE for one day and build a unique spectrum of credibility and confidence. Virtual attendees will also get access to digital networking opportunities where peers and road warriors can share best practices and learnings.

4. Lead the Narrative on In-Person Events

As conferences like Dreamforce and Mobile World Congress return to in-person attendance later this year, many are cautiously exploring the world of business travel. But the first in-person event centered specifically on corporate travel and spend still hasn’t been scheduled—until now. Attendees at TRAVERSE 21 are writing the prologue for the entire travel and spend industry, just as it gets back into motion.

5. Celebrate at TRAVERSE Fest

After a year of digital meetings and toddlers interrupting board meetings, it’s a safe bet that many program managers can probably use a breath of fresh air. TRAVERSE 21 takes place at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California against the backdrop of the bay and the cool ocean breeze. Full catering will feature all-day beverages and delectable snacks and meals. And at the end of the day, a TRAVERSE Fest celebration will add a little bit of sugar to the top of the whole experience.

Tickets for TRAVERSE Fest, which takes place on September 29th, are already open. Early bird pricing ends June 30th. Register here.

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