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Jun 17, 2021

Flight Crew Series: Ipsheeta Furtado on Growing TripActions Liquid from the Ground Up

Samantha Shankman

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Welcome to The Flight Crew Series, where we sit down with our team members around the world to get to know them better. We talk about the careers that led them to TripActions, what their roles look like on a daily basis, why they believe in their teams, and even their favorite travel memory. The participants were selected by their peers for the incredible work, team spirit, and how they embody TripActions values. Read more from the series here.

Ipsheeta Furtado, Director of Financial Operations at TripActions Liquid ™, joined TripActions Liquid as one of its founding members in June of 2019. TripActions Liquid has been recording 56% MoM growth in spend usage value since February — in large part due to the infrastructure and team she’s built during her time.

“When I started, TripActions Liquid was scrappy. I joined a group of engineers and designers who were in the room with a handful of us building out new functions including operations, so that was my mainstay,” she explains.

As the TripActions Liquid team continues to grow, we checked in to learn more about her background and experience.

An Engineer Parsing through Antiquated Industries

Ipsheeta knows a thing or two about building teams from the ground up.

She was the first operations leader at Divvy Homes—an alternative home financing service—and helped build the infrastructure and team for the still-thriving business. She was a member of HVF Labs, which helped fintech startups get off the ground from conception to launch, and founded Fluid Financial, a small business lender with software and technology built into the experience.

Although Ipsheeta studied engineering, her first job was part of a four-person team at a broker dealer, a type of financial entity that performs stock trading.

“We went through so many FINRA and SEC audits that I became very well versed in understanding compliance in a regulatory-impacted field, like finance,” says Ipsheeta. “It gave me a very specific lens and I wanted to pursue industries that require a more delicate touch. Industries where you can’t just market your way out of a problem—you have to maneuver rules and regulations in order to deliver experience.”

Ipsheeta found joy in finding the market opportunities that lie within regulated environments.

“When I joined TripActions, I was really attracted to the idea that travel was a super-regulated industry. TripActions had already made the progress to define the market and deliver products there, so I was fascinated and excited about the opportunity to start a fintech business inside of a verticalized industry,” she says.

“I'm also super thrilled because when I started I was doing everything from customer onboarding to reconciling payment transfers. I'm used to that, but now I’ve been able to build out a team at TripActions. I'm super humbled to be working with some top-notch, rockstar people. I'm letting go of that mentality that I need to know everything and do everything at the same time. I’m excited about providing leadership opportunities for my team.”

In hiring for TripActions Liquid, Ipsheeta says one of the biggest things she looks at is candidates’ values. She looks for people who want to improve and learn from mistakes.

“When I look for new blood and new talent, I try to see whether they can understand the forest from the trees and whether they’re really comfortable with details. There's just a lot of complexities and nuances in financial services that people need to be really aware of so I see if they can manage a lot of information, but also make micro-decisions throughout that process," she says.

Her hiring process aligns with TripActions culture, one of the things that keeps Ipsheeta so excited about building a team here.

“I love that the organization is really flat. I love that we're always asked for input and opinions. Whether it's from executive leadership, peers, or cross-functional teams, people are accepting of that information and I think that's unique to TripActions. There's a lot of very large organizations like ours, where you will never see this. I think TripActions CEO Ariel Cohen does a really good job of being on the ground with people, being in the trenches, if you will, and that's awesome,” she says.

Favorite Travel Destination: Hawaii Favorite Work Destination: TripActions Dallas office Favorite Plane Snack: Brownie Brittle Chocolate chip by Sheila G’s Aisle or Row: Aisle Travel Hack: Always travel with a sheet mask.

Culture is an integral part of what makes TripActions who we are and allows us to work together to innovate quickly for our customers and users. We are always looking for new members of our flight crew. Career opportunities across our ten offices are listed on our Careers page. We’re currently hiring for dozens of positions in every department. Take a look — we’d love to have you.

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