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Mar 20, 2020

Flight Crew Series: Taegan Mosely Finds the Perfect Fit

Samantha Shankman

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Welcome to The Flight Crew Series where we sit down with our team members around the world to get to know them better. We talk about the careers that led them to TripActions, what their roles look like on a daily basis, why they believe in their teams, and even their favorite travel memory. The participants were selected by their peers for the incredible work, team spirit, and how they embody TripActions values. Read more from the series here.

This week we sat down with Taegan Mosely, a customer success manager in Sydney, Australia. She works with a diverse collection of companies across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, and is an integral player in relaying to HQ what the region needs most.

Taegan followed her passions and talents and was eventually led to TripActions where she found a place that combined her skills and creativity. She is a team player who is always ready to raise her hand for a new role or responsibility.

Taegan describes her role as a CSM as being an advocate for her customers and looking for ways to better their experience.

“It’s about guiding them to opportunities that they might not have considered possible before. A big part of our role is challenging travel managers’ expectations around what a travel program can look like and how it can be better,” explained Taegan.

“Our roles are really diverse in the types of accounts that we look after and clients we work with. We look after startups, mid-market accounts, and enterprise clients. We are able to touch a lot of different businesses and influence their corporate travel. We work with customers day-to-day to better their TripActions experience and see where we can drive cost-savings. We do a lot of traveler Q&A's, as it's still a traditional market here in Australia, but it’s also a great opportunity to speak to the travelers themselves. Our conversations involve changing mindsets and showing people that there’s something new, something better, something modern and made in the 21st century.”

Teagan also plays an active part in looking at and understanding the different ways that we can enhance the product in Australia and the region.

A Destination Worth Discovering

Taegan started her career at Flight Centre, where she worked for three years before she started to feel the call for a change — for work that was more creative and hands-on, and possibly in the tech industry. Taegan found an opportunity joining the small startup team at Houzz Australia during a high-growth stage and really helped build the sales team.

“I started putting my hand up for a lot of different roles and responsibilities. I did sales, customer success, and trained their customer success and sales teams.”

After four years there, Taegan was ready to get out into the world and travel herself. She spent the next year living in Finland with her husband.

“Helsinki was our base and we traveled around Europe. I always loved traveling and grew up overseas, so I definitely wanted the experience of living overseas as an adult as well,” she says.

Taegan was ready to get back into the startup world. She started hearing about TripActions and felt like she had found her home.

“I knew that I wanted to be in the startup and tech world. I read about TripActions in the middle of a restless night and thought, ‘This sounds awesome!’ so I planned to apply in the morning. It was right up my alley - travel & tech - but the ad was taken down by the morning. So I messaged the company directly and said, ‘I want to work for you. This is my experience and how I can contribute.’”

Taegan started as an account executive at TripActions, but there was quickly a need for CSMs. Taegan again raised her hand.

“It looked like such an awesome role because there was a mix of sales and looking after the customer,” Taegan explained. She joined the Sydney office when there were only eight other employees — a period that she describes as “super exciting” as the company grew quickly.

New Priorities & Perspective

Today the Sydney office has 52 employees, but the team is still as close and connected as the early days. The Sydney office is the smallest of the TripActions offices which breeds a culture of collaboration. Taegan describes the entire process as a “big team effort with all hands on deck.”

“I really love the collaborative workplace. We’re an incredibly tight knit team and can always go between offices and ask questions. It’s really nice to have support here. We have each others’ backs and we realize that we’re all in the same boat. Our mentality is around making it work. We hustle and work hard to make it all a success. I also really appreciate and admire that everyone I work with wants to see each other succeed.”

Of the six core values at the foundation of TripActions, “challenge the status quo” is the one that Taegan aligns with the most.

“There are certain challenges and opportunities that come from being in the APAC market. Our team has to make sure that the product is being built for our Australian customers. It’s also a challenge to change mindsets and help people understand that there is a different way to manage corporate travel now. We focus a lot on the admins and make sure that their voices are being heard.”

As someone who once came across a TripActions job posting and knew it was the opportunity of her lifetime, Taegan had some advice for others.

“If you want to challenge yourself and see yourself grow within your career then this is the place for you. There’s a steep learning curve, but I love the challenge and am definitely thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something that is growing so quickly.”

Culture is an integral part of what makes TripActions and allows us to work together to innovate quickly. To learn about the new features we’re building to support travel managers, finance leaders, and HR professionals during this unprecedented time, see here.

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