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Sep 10, 2019

Free Self-Serve Flight Change for TripActions Travelers

The TripActions Team

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TripActions is committed to delivering more transparency and less friction for road warriors in order to deliver the best experience in business travel. Our purpose-built solutions aim to eliminate the stress, anxiety, and confusion that often arise with outdated legacy corporate travel solutions — or no solution at all.

Nearly 15 percent of all flights booked through TripActions are modified, and we are excited to deliver new features to give our customers the ability to make flight changes quickly and easily at their convenience directly in our apps. Available on web, iOS, and Android, our free self-serve flight change feature enables customers to live their best business travel lives with the confidence that they can change their flight when and where they need it.

With our new self-serve flight change capability, TripActions puts complete visibility and control of every flight itinerary squarely in the hands of our users. The power to change flights quickly from the TripActions mobile app lets travelers stay in the moment, and with access to all the available options, there’s no doubt, no second guessing, and complete confidence.

We understand it’s often that extra hour of due diligence, an unexpected follow-up meeting, or an impromptu happy hour that solidifies a deal or improves a customer relationship. When your employee unexpectedly needs to change their flight, they can do so easily without leaving the conference room or rooftop bar. With the self-serve feature, all they need to do is open the TripActions app and quickly modify their itinerary. Flight change on our mobile app takes, on average, just two minutes.

  • TripActions self-serve flight change enables travelers to:
  • View all possible alternative options, including airports, seats, and more.
  • Modify available flights without the need to contact a support agent.
  • Make flight changes from virtually anywhere, on any device.
  • Change any aspect of an existing flight reservation in just a few clicks.
  • Make flight changes with no administrative fee. If a traveler needs a support agent at any time, TripActions won’t charge for that either. (Note that the airline might charge a change fee and/or a difference in fare for the new itinerary, but TripActions does not add any fees).

    Throughout the end-to-end travel experience, road warriors want visibility, transparency, and ease of use above all else — which is why TripActions products are built to deliver exactly that. No matter the day, time, or place, whenever a traveler needs to change a flight, they can see all alternative options and prices, all without incurring any additional fees from TripActions

    Talk about transparency.

    We’re constantly leveraging new technology to put our customers first — check out some of the other things we’ve been up to.

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