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April 4, 2018

From Pain to Perk: Back to What Matters in Corporate Travel Management

We travel for business because even in our era of instant connectivity, actually being in the room still makes all the difference. We send employees out for that invaluable face-to-face meeting and handshake, relying on them as the in-person embodiment of our companies. And for them, traveling should be a perk: the chance to get out of the office for an exciting, professionally gratifying experience while enjoying everything the destination has to offer.

Yet along the way, business travel management seems to have lost its course. Travel management has narrowed its goal on cutting costs at the expense of traveler satisfaction, transforming the business trip from an opportunity into a dreaded source of employee frustration and a top cause of tension with management.

Why? Most often it’s a continued reliance on the legacy travel management company. Their outdated technologies and restrictive options and policies can end up costing our companies the very money they were meant to save, with consequences like:

  • Travelers who are more likely to “go rogue” and book outside of T&E policy (blowing that all-important budget, anyway)
  • Lost time and resources for the corporate travel manager or administrator as they sort out complaints and issues
  • Employees expending their labor on busy-work like searching for a flight that better fits both the policy and their schedule
  • Word-of-mouth about better hotel offerings leading to higher employee turnover or a less attractive offering during recruitment

This isn’t to say we should throw the budget out the window. But there are business travel management companies out there who understand the importance of traveler satisfaction as much as the company dollar. They’ve developed travel management solutions to help business travelers not only get where they need to be, but feel relaxed and happy enough to truly show up for those personal connections that matter. These all-in-one solutions offer features that both save money and consider the traveler’s needs, built right into the travel management software, such as:

  • Wider booking options that travelers truly want, plus a more user-friendly online booking tool
  • Access to world-class service that goes above and beyond while they’re on the road
  • For managers, easier-than-ever tools for duty of care or travel expense management
  • Even greater hotel savings through incentives that reward travelers who book below their hotel bookings limit

Teaming up with the right business travel management company can go a long way in changing our employees’ next business trip from a have-to, into a want-to. It's time to think outside of the box, get up to date, and base our programs on corporate travel management solutions that help us get us back to the true purpose and perks of the business trip.

To learn how your company can get back to the way business travel is supposed to be—while still saving—read how SurveyMonkey adopted TripActions.

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