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Feb 23, 2022

Future Leaders: Jasmyne & Julius Walker on Growing a Mission-Based Tech Company

Samantha Shankman

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The Future Leaders campaign, in partnership with TripActions Liquid, highlights Black founders who are sharing their stories of creating small businesses. Their stories are appearing on the TripActions blog and Instagram Live. The winner will receive a $5,000 Liquid card.

Hear more from Epic Tech founders Jasmyne and Julius in conversation with TripActions Head of DEI on Wednesday, March 2, at 1 pm PST Instagram Live @TripActions,learn more about the Future Leaders Campaign by TripActions Liquid., and vote for the winner before Friday, March 11!

In September 2020, Jasmyne Walker and Julius Walker opened their audio, visual, and IT production company Epic Tech Group, Inc in their hometown near Philadelphia, in response to a need felt throughout their community during the pandemic.

Jasmyne had a background in health care but was excited by the prospect of working alongside her husband—who had experience in AV production—and helping organizations produce live events that could more seamlessly translate into a digital experience.

In the year and a half since launching, the duo has learned invaluable lessons, formed incredible relationships with clients, and enjoyed success while navigating the challenges of small business ownership. They’ve worked with customers such as John Legend and Jazmine Sullivan as well as houses of worship around the country.

“Julius always felt like I was the missing link to his success, and I wanted him and our family to succeed. I brought everything that I had learned in healthcare over to the company to help nurture and grow the business,” explains Jasmyne, who’s enjoyed every minute of the learning experience.

Tech on a Mission

Epic Tech manages live productions and system integration for businesses, a critical infrastructure need for many modern businesses in this digital age.

“We bring together cameras, TV, lights, and staging so it all works cohesively to help our customers reach their end goal of how they want the production to look. It’s not as simple as turning on a camera—there’s a skill set we provide that helps clients reach their goal,” says Jasmyne.

The business was born of a need that the team felt within their own community. During the pandemic, houses of worship were trying to do live streams to reach their congregations at home—but didn't have the technology in place to do it.

“Many people don’t realize how important it is to have lights and cameras placed in a certain way when you’re live-streaming. They don’t realize how critical this is until something is missing and then they start looking for answers. We had the answer to that problem so we wanted to create the company to help everyone we could,” explains Jasmyne.

“A lot of what we’re discovering is a lack of knowledge around how to make it all work, so we do a lot of education once the technology is set up.”

While Julius and Jasmyne are looking to grow nationwide throughout 2022, they want to build their business with a holistic approach—taking care of the people they employ and service as much as the technology.

“As we're gaining and taking care of clients, we’ve really made it part of our mission to make connections with them and be as personable as possible. If there’s something that we can help you with, we will do that, even outside of AV and technology. Our goal is to really create an ecosystem so we can lock arms with different businesses and see where it takes us,” says Jasmyne.

Part of their mission moving out of the pandemic is also to bring more African Americans and women in particular into the world of AV.

“We want to reach back for the younger generation,” explains Jasmyne. “We have one young man working with us right now who didn’t know what he wanted to do after high school. Julius took him under his wing and he’s learned so much. That part of our project really helps us know that we are supposed to be here and doing what we need to do.”

Challenges & Joys of Small Business Ownership

“The best feeling is when the end result is even better than our clients’ expectations,” says Jasmyne. “One of my favorite projects was a video wall for a house of worship. We designed it and the end result was super dope. Projects like that allow us to be very creative.”

While their work brings so much joy, Jasmyne and Julius also face common challenges encountered by small business entrepreneurs.

“It often feels like there aren’t enough hands on deck, because our client roster grows daily. Finding qualified techs in this space is difficult. Our team, Julius, and I are sometimes spread thin and we’re married on top of it. It can be challenging, but I wouldn’t change it for anything because it’s helped me grow tremendously. I’ve learned so much more as an entrepreneur than I ever would have in my role in health care.”

While Jasmyne and Julius are experts in a certain kind of technology, they are always trying to streamline their processes. When it comes to expenses, Jasmyne currently does the work manually in QuickBooks.

“It’s honestly a pain. We have an AmEx but that doesn’t track or upload physical receipts. There are records with QBO over here and information from banks over there and our quoting system is something else entirely; I wish there was an all-in-one solution where I could swipe the card and the physical receipt was automatically uploaded and labeled as it should be. It would cut down on a lot of those sleepless nights.”

Hear more from Jasmyne and Julius in conversation with TripActions Head of DEI on Wednesday, March 2, at 1 pm PST on Instagram Live @TripActions and learn more about the Future Leaders Campaign by TripActions Liquid.

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