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Feb 13, 2020

How Business Hotels Will Craft the Perfect Stay in 2032

Samantha Shankman

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Science fiction is the creative space in which we can begin to imagine a different kind of future. When it comes to business travel, we’re busy actually creating that future but still find ourselves wondering how technology will change every single aspect of the travel experience beyond booking.

We started by looking at how advancements in technology and the user experience will completely change how business travelers start their mornings and move through airport security with the help of the futurist Dré Labre of the TBD Company. He started the conversation during his session ‘A Futuristic Vision of Business Travel’ at TRAVERSE 19. We followed up on these predictions further by looking at the business class-only flights of the future, why data will be key to futuristic business travel, and how technology will make business travel more sustainable.

But we have yet to understand how technology could completely shift one of the most important parts of any business trip: the hotel stay. Is it possible that a completely frictionless hotel experience is possible? How many business travelers look forward to the day that they can skip the front desk and walk directly to a room that is prepared specifically for them and their objectives?

In the futuristic vision explored at TRAVERSE 19, business travelers will no longer have to wait at the front desk in order to check in and receive a room key.

The TripActions Responsive Intelligent Service and Hospitality Assistant -- better known as T.R.I.S.H.A. and charged with “taking care of employees on the front line” -- relays the room number to the business traveler. Upon approaching the door, the business traveler’s AuraAuthenticator is scanned and the door unlocks before his hand touches the handle.

In 2032, hotel rooms can be completely customized for each individual business traveler. The hotel chain uses Déja You Technology to remember specific guest preferences based on previous stays in other hotels and house shares.

Everything from the light settings to water and air temperature is adjusted for the guest. It will also come fitted with the appropriate amenities whether that be coffee versus tea or desk versus holophone. In this specific case, the business traveler Robert is greeted by a circus and woodsy scent reminiscent of his summer lake house and a slide show of personal photos on the wall.

While we cannot craft a perfectly personal hotel room (yet), TripActions uses machine learning technology to learn business travelers’ preferences and predict what travelers are going to book with 90%+ accuracy. Our platform surfaces the most relevant hotels for each user and provides the opportunities for booking those hotels through our incentive program. (That’s why business travel will soon be the envy of leisure travel.)

Our proactive global 24/7 365 travel agents are also on standby today to anticipate problems and needs and help business travelers save time and be productive with the best-suited itinerary for that user.

We don’t have to wait until 2032 to feel the incredible changes already happening in business travel. A combination of the latest technology and elevated standards is creating the ultimate win-win-win, allowing suppliers, corporate travel managers, and business travelers to work together towards unprecedented efficiencies and transparency.

To learn more, get in touch with TripActions for a demo today.

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