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Mar 25, 2021

G2 Spring Report: TripActions #1 in Satisfaction

Thomas Long

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TripActions is the leading software solution for travel and spend management. But don’t take it from us.

In the G2 Spring 2021 reports, users consistently ranked TripActions as #1 in Satisfaction in Travel Management, Enterprise Travel Management, Travel & Expense Management, and Expense Management software.

Across all categories, TripActions received high praise and superseded the industry average in quality of support, ease of use, and ease of set up. Users consistently pushed TripActions to the top of the charts due to the sophistication of its technology, its ease of use, and its worldwide market presence.

The rankings again and again highlight how TripActions is the perfect combination of modern corporate travel and spend management solution and scaled, market-ready, global leader. It is the only complete, end-to-end global travel & expense management solution. It combines online booking, 24/7/365 expert travel agents, and payments and expenses in a single global platform to deliver real-time data and cost savings unlike any other contemporary solution.

The Expense Grid in particular highlights how well positioned [TripActions Liquid™]( is to take on legacy players and disrupt the space with its more modern, user-centric approach.

Additionally, the Enterprise Grid underscores the fact that TripActions built its end-to-end global travel & expense management solution to meet the needs of enterprises around the world. TripActions Enterprise Edition™ offers robust capabilities previously only available to enterprises by stitching together separate solutions such as online booking tools, travel management companies and payments and expense platforms from multiple vendors. With TripActions Enterprise Edition for T&E Management, organizations can consolidate and streamline technology stacks and vendors with an all-in-one offering.

Why G2? Independent scores and reviews are one of the best and most trusted ways in which to measure the success of a software solution. G2 is a third-party tool that independently assesses the quality of a product. It collects feedback from users and provides independent scores on how corporate travel management and expense solutions perform. Those latter scores manifest in G2’s proprietary satisfaction scores as well as the G2 Grid.

To learn more about why users choose TripActions, download the G2 Spring Report today.

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