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August 17, 2018

Thanks for Connecting with Us at GBTA!

The TripActions Team
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As predicted, the last four days in San Diego for GBTA were inspiring.

Not only did we get to roll around town in TripActions pedicabs, more importantly, we got to make real in-person connections with some of the travel industry’s leaders and innovators (aka you). The energy throughout the conference was off the charts, and we loved being a part of all those good vibes.

We were excited to help bring people together with our “Making Connections” game. In case you missed it, we delivered a red TripActions box to GBTA attendees that included a TripActions wristband with instructions. After stopping by our booth to activate, attendees were on a mission to find their circle or square counterpart with the same airport code. Once they did, the two newly connected friends could come by our booth for a chance to win all sorts of great prizes, including a free round-trip ticket to a destination of their choice.

It was our little way of connecting people in unexpected ways, and it was exhilarating to watch so many connections being made. A shout out to all our winners!


We were busy onstage as well, with our CEO, CTO, and Head of Product all delivering insights into the future of business travel and technology. In particular, we were beyond honored to kick off this year’s Women in Leadership panel, featuring our own fearless female leaders Nancy Atkinson and Nina Giovanelli.

In particular, a theme that all of the amazing female leaders on the panel kept coming back to was the importance of taking risks. Panelists encouraged woman to go outside your comfort zone, tackle new challenges, and not being afraid to fail. At the same time, it’s up to all of us to create an environment that encourages, supports and rewards women to take those risks, something we’re committed to at TripActions.

As we walked around the conference and spoke to as many of our fellow traveler leaders as possible, another theme we heard time and time again was the importance of traveler satisfaction. That’s why we’re so dedicated to building a product that’s truly traveler first. By focusing on providing travelers a streamlined booking experience, expansive choices, and dedicated support, we have a 97% adoption rate with our current customers, including those like SurveyMonkey and Procore.

An enormous thank you to everyone we connected with at this year’s conference; we hope you felt as inspired by the week as we did. We’re already looking forward to taking part in next year’s GBTA in Chicago, but you don’t have to wait that long to meet us in-person again (or for the first time). Keep an eye on our social media feeds for updates on where we’ll be next, and of course reach out anytime.

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