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Jul 20, 2021

Guide: 5 Actionable Steps Toward More Sustainable Business Travel

Samantha Shankman

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As travel continues to rebound throughout 2021, global enterprises are considering their sustainability commitment with refreshed eyes and looking to make smart strategic and financial decisions so they can reduce their impact without sacrificing the important in-person experiences at the heart of business.

A whopping ninety percent of companies in the S&P 500 today publish sustainability (CSR) reports to hold themselves accountable to their sustainability goals. But just tracking numbers is not enough. Businesses are looking to ensure that their sustainability efforts are not only measured — but actionable.

That’s why TripActions introduced the Sustainability Feature Suite in April 2021. This new suite of real-time data, tools, and information is designed to aid organizations in making sustainable decisions and reducing the environmental impact of their travel.

For organizations looking to get started or improve their sustainability efforts throughout their T&E programs, The TripActions Sustainability Guide offers a comprehensive look at the environmental challenges facing global organizations today and how, with the right tools and information, enterprises can become agents of change at an individual and collective level.

In this guide, readers will learn:

  • 5 principles to guide your business’s journey toward sustainability
  • How global enterprises are realigning their operations for the future
  • The tech and tools needed to integrate a new way of working

Download the free resource below and take a giant step toward more sustainable business travel today.

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