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Jul 20, 2021

Guide: 5 Essential Checklists for Managing Business Travel in 2021

Samantha Shankman

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Testing, vaccinations, quarantines: As if corporate travel wasn’t challenging enough, COVID-19 has brought additional considerations for all phases of the process.

How can travel managers, HR, operations, and finance teams—and of course road warriors—adapt and overcome challenges to build or maintain a modern T&E program?

A series of 5 new checklists from TripActions will help travel managers and their colleagues as they set or adjust policy, communicate with travelers before and during a business trip, stay on top of changing travel requirements, and continuously adapt travel programs to best meet the needs of their travelers and companies.

The checklists cover the five steps of the traveler journey, including traveling; returning; preparing; booking; and planning.

Use these checklists in tandem with the TripActions Return to Travel Suite of tools, which includes enhanced policy settings, airline safety protocols, pre-trip approvals, and self-serve trip changes and cancellations, as well as the recently added notification enhancements, digital health passport, and automated unused ticket application.

Download the free resource below and gain a tried and tested path towards clarity, safety, and cost savings—for now and the unpredictable future.

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