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May 30, 2017

Q&A: How One Travel Coordinator Saved $14,000 in 3 Months

As a medial staffing agency, Favorite Staffing, has just over 60 employees that travel on behalf of the company whether it's for training or a site visit. The company relies on Andrea Rodriguez, Corporate Travel Coordinator, to book trips for the majority of these travelers. After taking their first trip with us on March 2, 2017, Favorite Staffing has saved over $20,000. Andrea has booked over 200 trips since switching to TripActions and is responsible for saving the company $14,000 in those trips alone! As one of our power bookers, Andrea has tons of tips and tricks to share with Travel Managers, Travel Coordinators, and travelers.

Meet Andrea

Let's hear what Andrea has to say.

1. Before TripActions you booked everything manually on various consumer sites, then go above and beyond and created an information packet for every trip. That sounds like a lot of work! How has your life improved since switching to TripActions and what's your booking experience like since the switch?

My life has improved lots since switching over to TA. It used to take me so much time and energy to remember all the details for each trip I booked. I had to find each part of the trip as well as remember what rewards each person had and refer back to their contact information...EVERY TIME. With TA, I save time, energy and have a great team that backs me up.

2. Who do you typically booking for?

My typical bookings are for my VP's or Directors doing branch visits and Marketing. I also do all the training travel, so anyone in our company who comes to the corporate office for training, I book all of their travel. Usually this is our new recruiters and this is their first or second time traveling for work. TripActions has been a huge help for them, they’re able to see everything in one spot and easily find everything than trying to find all the paperwork I used to print out.

3. How do you use TripActions to manage so many trips?

I am able to use TA to manage many trips by purchasing the flights once I receive the information. Not only does this give me peace of mind that I booked a flight with the dollar amount that my CFO would prefer but also my travelers see automatically that I purchased their flights. They get instant notifications that I purchased their flights but they also have it on their calendar and on the TripActions app.

I'm able to touch many trips in one day and finalize all details when time allows. It’s easier to book one trip in 5 minutes, versus in the past it would take me about 20-30 minutes from start to finish. My travelers have that trust in the process as there is clear visibility with all details of their trip by utilizing their TA app.

4. How do you utilize TripActions to keep organized when booking for others?

I utilize creating new users to stay organized by inserting all information in their profile one time as well as detailing all their items in the Admin Dashboard. When I touch it once, it’s done and I don’t need to worry about it doing it again. It’s easier for me to stay organized when i only have to enter this information once.

5. How has the support team helped you and your travelers?

The support team has helped me by fixing any details that have changed after I've booked a trip as well as here more recently, when my oldest daughter was in a bad car accident. The team stepped in and asked to assist with any and all bookings while I was away caring for my daughter in the hospital. This help is priceless. It gave my team releaf that they had help while I was out.

They help my travelers by assisting them with booking new flights after their flight has been canceled or changed. They get them on the next best flight and assist with any and all questions that they have. This allows my travelers to have that personal touch even if I'm not able to be reached or available.

6. What’s your favorite part about TripActions?

My favorite part of TripActions is that feeling of family, of having a whole travel and support team that I can always count on for any help I may need. I have made great relationships with TA and I 100% trust them with my people. I'll say it again - this is something that money can't buy!

7. You’ve saved close to $14,000 dollars for Favorite Staffing. What tricks do you have that help you save?

When possible I book flights 3-5 weeks prior to the trip and I book as many flights as possible on Tuesdays when I think fares are generally cheaper. As well, I encourage my travelers to use flights that benefit them as well as Favorite Staffing.

8. You must work quickly to handle so many travel plans. How do you work so quick?

I book quickly with TA by trying to touch each trip once if I have all details available to me. Most importantly, I'm able to get so many trips done because TA has eliminated the process of me manually entering all financial figures in a travel spreadsheet. TA does this for me and my Accounting team is able to utilize/modify this information to reports that they need. Prior to TA, I had an intern that did all of this documenting for me. Now she is able to assist my team with more important duties.

9. What benefits have you seen for your travelers while they’re on the road?

Most importantly is their ability to focus on the purpose of their trip knowing that all their details are in the palm of their hand. This gives them more time to meet clients and make new business happen versus fumbling with all the documents in hand or their email.

10. Do you have any other tips for similar TripActions users?

The main tip I have for another similar TA user is to trust this process and be confident in letting the old process go. Just because we have always done it this way, doesn't mean that a new way couldn't be better.


For more information on how you can save money and time like Andrea is for Favorite Staffing, contact our team!

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