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September 12, 2018

“You Go Above & Beyond”: How Dialpad Uses TripActions to Make Powerful In-Person Connections

Meet DJ Gillit.

DJ is a Sales Engineer at Dialpad, a rapidly growing cloud company dedicated to making business communications smarter and easier with an AI-powered solution that’s accessible from anywhere, on any device.

As experts in business communications, Dialpad knows the importance of in-person connections, particularly in sales situations. As DJ put it, “The ability to be on-site with your customers, to look them in the eyes and ask them hard questions that you wouldn't normally ask remotely, is invaluable.”

But traveling the country to bring those connections to life hasn’t always been easy. Before TripActions, travelers like DJ would spend hours searching and booking flights and hotels that aligned with the company travel policy, eating up valuable time better spent on actually serving the customers and prospects he was traveling to connect with.

Today he notes, “Booking travel, whether through the web or over the app on my iPhone with TripActions, is really easy. You just pick where you are coming from and where you are going and TripActions returns all relevant flight and hotel information.”

In addition to the streamlined booking process that makes DJ’s life “so much easier,” DJ is also a fan of the Amazon dollars he receives for making cost-conscious travel decisions through the TripActions Rewards Program.

TripActions’ customer support is another impressive stand out for this frequent traveler, as he recalls. a recent time when a customer pushed a meeting out at the last minute and he was not only able to quickly and easily re-book his trip, TripActions helped secure a refund from the hotel he previously booked, even though the hotel’s policy stated they didn’t have to.

“Having a partner that will exhaust all options to help you is a big reason I really love TripActions.”

Meet DJ. He uses TripActions to book business travel in minutes that gets him in front of the customers he needs to connect with, and he loves it.


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